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Shattered Dreams.. HELP!

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  • Shattered Dreams.. HELP!

    After telling me a month ago that I'd have no problem getting a 7k loan, today they've told me a different story.. I took them all the paperwork they asked for, and they've said that they cant give me a loan.. and the worst thing is, they even admitted it was for bullshit reasons that dont apply to me. "great, but that doesnt help me does it?" I said. Been sitting here for ANOTHER month waiting and wishing for the means to get into riding, its all I bloody think about! Now I might be fucked..

    Unless some of you know of bike dealers that sell RGV's on finance? or, can suggest other plausible alternatives to getting 7 grand.. credit card is no good either, so its either finance (which i'm doubtful about) or I get a private loan from someone I know?

    Please, some help would be greatly appriciated.. I dont think I'd be the first the be in this position.
    What are my options??? :cry:
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    most dealerships have a finance broker that should be able to help you out, some of them are affiliated with a finance company but others shop around for you and get you the best deal, if you have a job and dont have too many outstanding debts you should have no problems with the finance...banks can tend to be a little more difficult when it comes to getting loans, but a credit union or finance company are alot easier.


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      Try speaking to Nicole Wardell from Ride Away Finnance, there a broker that specialises in motorcycle and personal loans.... very helpfull and come well recomended

      08 9255 4422

      sometimes having a gurantor helps asking a friend for straight out 7k if you have a deposit also makes things alot easier (also being employed for over 3 months on a full time basis helps)

      good luck buddy.... and no im not lending you any money


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        I also recommend Nicole Wardell. She really goes in and bats for you with those fuckers that dont want to lend you money.
        If you can... you MUST!


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          i agree with the others nicole is really good, she's help me with the finance for two of my last three bikes, never had a problem, highly recommended


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            Nicole Wardell

            Probably one of the better looking fianance brokers out there as well.


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              Re: Nicole Wardell

              Probably one of the better looking fianance brokers out there as well.    
              DUDE! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: