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f*cked up the bike.. oh, and i took a battering too

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  • f*cked up the bike.. oh, and i took a battering too

    had a bit of a bad tumble last night in leeming. Casserly street I think it was. Me and some mates were leaving a friends house (them in a Skyline and me on the rs125), he was leading and we were probably doing 80-90 i think.

    I was riding fairly close behind him when all of a sudden I see him swerve to the right and see a dirty big traffic island in front of me and I was heading straight for it. Tried going to the right side of it coz it was a slightly better angle for it cept there was a bloody pool of water just before it from the lawn sprinklers. Felt my rear wheel lose it and down I went. 3 hard knocks on the helmet and I think I blacked out for a few seconds. Turns out that my mate didn't see the island, put his footon the brake right on the puddle and went straight for and over the island. He escaped with a broken front bumper. I was maybe 2 seconds behind him and it looked to me like he quickly swerved to the right to avoid something and it looked like he made it but going round the right side (I didn't see that he actually hit the island). I didn't have much reaction time and by the time I leaned to go right, I was in the puddle and down I went.

    Came to, couldn't feel my legs but I dragged myself over to the bike (which was now facing the opposite the opposite direction) and flicked the kill switch. Looked down the street to see my mates turn around and pull up in front of me, which by then there were neighbours out on the street who were thinking that he was about to run me over. I then kinda sat up and tried to figure out if I broke anything.

    Lady across the road kept asking if I needed an ambulance. I kept saying no, i'm ok, i'm ok. Didn't want to get the cops around coz I don't have a license. Tried standing up but my legs kept giving way. Lady kept saying you need an ambulance, you need an ambulance. I was trying to force myself up so she wouldn't call one. Then she starting going off at me saying that I was going too fast (which I probably was) but that's not the point. I'm lying there all fucked up and I have this woman nattering away at me. Not pleasant. Luckily her husband thought that she was a bit of a cow and kept telling her to shut up. We kept trying to tell her that the keep left sign on the island was missing so we didnt see the fuckin thing. Then she just goes "who do you think is responsible for that" which was probably some racist remark implying that we're some sort of asian gang who steals street signs to trade on the black market. Luckily her husband told her to shut up again before things got out of hand. Then he started telling us that quite a few people hit that island every weekend. Which isn't surprising seeing as it's not under a street light and the freaking keep left sign is missing.

    I limp into my mates skyline while my friends pick up my bike and pieces of it. One of them wheel the bike down the street to my mates place and I tell em to try and get out of there ASAP before any cops come. When we get back I have a good look at myself. Didn't seem like I broke anything just real sore all over. Jarred left pinky, grazed left and right elbows, jarred right shoulder, jarred neck, scraped lower back, fucked right ankle, bruised flesh wound on right knee, 3 deep gashes on left shin and fucked left small toe. Nothing broken thankfully, just limping around like a cripple

    Had a look at my helmet (CRAFT from germany or something), deeply scratched on the left and right side and a massive fracture the size of a tennis ball on the back of it. Probably would have caved my skull in without it. Looked at my jacket, which was just a polyester jacket for wind protection. It was all scratched up through the top layer but didn't go through the other layer to my shirt. Pretty good for a $50 industrie jacket. Checked my gloves, which I just bought the the daybefore. Alpine Stars with Carbon Fibre knuckle inserts. Two of the knuckles were deeply grazed. Lucky for me I bought them otherwise I'd only have a 3 knuckle fist right now. Get gloves guys if ya don't have em!. Jeans didn't rip amazingly but my legs still got fucked up underneath em.

    Haven't had a good look at the bike yet coz I got it sent to my mates place to sit there till I figure out what to do, but from what I could see it was mostly the right side that was damaged. Rear brake lever snapped off, fairing, tank and rear seat scratched up, handle bar bent in, instrument cluster bent, right side mirror cracked, and grazed indicator. I'm shuddering to think what the bill would be for all that from aprilia seeing as the quoted me $500 just for a set of stickers for one side of the bike.

    Anyway, that's the end of my story. Which was a bit of a mission to type seeing as I can't use 2 of my fingers as they're bandanged together and I can't really sit on both butt cheeks coz it'll put strain on either of my fucked legs. :shock:

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    Hmm aint that weird.. :?
    The night I get pulled over and got lost of lic and then this alfa dude (the post above) comes around and asked if I know how to work his bike whilst copper writing the ticket out for me..He told me it was an rs215 and I thought I might be able to help him since I use to own one myself and find the problem out why his bike wont start up (obviously it was the spark plug was fucked).. anyways sat on his bike and tried to started it up severals time with no luck and noticed the km's on his bike which was almost exactly/near the km's when I crashed my rs125 =[ The odo on his bike was at 1928km's

    Maybe I jinxed you man? lol jkz

    And now that incident you crashing ya bike..*shakes head* no were about the same as me when I fucked up bad too! Wogs bike are so expensive to fix up and thats why everyone should get insurance for that matter! no excuses or you will not live it down for the rest of ya life knowing you fucked up something majorly ie. ya bike! nuff said..

    Getting an aprilia is asking for trouble hahaha

    LONG LIVE THE 2 strokes! *leaves trail of 2 stroke smoke smell*


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      Oops I forgot to post something relevant.. :roll:

      Well I hope ya damage aint that bad as mine cos rick gills (main aprilia supplier) quoted me 8-9k to make it all new again :shock: that was ridiculous so I took it to this panel and paints place and they quoted me 2k to make it ridable and 3k to make it near new but I didnt have enough cash at that time so I sold my bike to wreckers to cut my losses

      Yeh so take it easy man..took me weeks to recover from my accident but still had shit oozing out of my scars :?


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        hahah yeh i was telling my mate about you're crash and how you probably jinx'd me!! ya bastard 8)

        yeah im oozing stuff at the moment, looks pretty tasty, i'd take photos and post em up but then some of you guys might have just had dinner or somethin.

        where's this panel shop mate.. 2-3k sounds a hell of a lot better than 8-9k

        i don't care wot they say.. i love da aprilia


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          oh yeh.. which wreckers? i might be able to go salvage some bits


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            Nomad also failed to mention bits of his old bike are with Russel at Two Wheel Wreckers. You may be able to grab some bits from there.

            Thanks for your detailed report. Glad to hear you limped away from it with non perm injuries. Sorry to hear about it but good to hear your OK.

            So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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              cheers for the wrecker's info deej and thanks for the thought as well..


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                I bought my aprillia 125 scrached down one side then my mate did the other side (lernt my lesson after that). Lucky there was only cosmetic damage a guy i know does air brushing it made up some stickers for me. He only charged me $50. The good thing about aprillia fairings they tend to scratch and not crack so there easy to bog and respray. My panel beater sprayed my fairings rossi green he charged me $200 all up. then after that the motor blew (thats a different story)

                I high sided it six months later and got the gear shifter and left hand foot peg off nomads bike from two wheels and a new cluch lever. The tank was sratched but I found there is a cover over the actual tank so if you can remove that it shouldn't be to hard to bog and respray. I have bought some parts from rick gill and most parts are expensive idicators are only $30 but there not to helpful i'll never go there again. Got rid of it before i fixed it

                I'll never buy another euro bike stick to jap bikes i've got a ZX6 now and its so much easier to look after

                Just interested has any one been able to wheelie a RS125 I could only back off and snap it on at 8 grand but then it would only come up about half a foot


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                  Is your mate able to do up more stickers? and which panel beater did you use?

                  How much did you get for your bike btw?

                  When I race someone at the lights, I usually rev to about 8 or 9 grand and feed the clutch. All it does is pop the front wheel up half a foot like you say and just gets right back down again.


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                    Just interested has any one been able to wheelie a RS125 I could only back off and snap it on at 8 grand but then it would only come up about half a foot
                    Come on Rossi ! U gota admit, I was close to wheeliein it at Malaga that day, had a few inches up. 20 more mins and i recon it coulda been had!

                    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)