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  • What sort of Bike?

    Hey ppl of Perth StreetBikes

    First of im new to this forum and it looks ausome!

    Im new to the road bikes and dont know a whole lot.. i am after a nice bike, good looks and power. I want to spend round $3000-5000. Dont want to go crazy on power, but i dont want it lacking either for my first bike...

    at this stage kinda thinking bout a cbr250

    Any suggestions? pros and cons of the bikes?

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    Hey ravez, welcome along!!!

    For sure a CBR250 is a pretty sweet 250 to start off on. The idea is to get something fun and comfortable but don't spend a lot on it cause you'll want to put that cash into something better a year later when you get your open license.

    Take everything for a ride though cause you might find something else that suits you.


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      it would be a pretty cheap CBR for that price.. and don't forget to spend about $800-1k on gear.. that's the important shit!
      Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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        Cheap CBR in dealer terms Chookie!!

        Should be able to find a grey import within that price range privately dude. Dealers mostly wanting $7990 from memory, sometimes $6990


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          yeah :? got mine for $7.2k
          Gankaz DaOgre