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Cages Drivers-not always in the wrong

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  • Cages Drivers-not always in the wrong

    I was driving home on Tuesday night down Tonkin Hwy heading south. Stopped at the lights near the international airport, I was in the right hand lane and I'm looking out my window waiting for the lights. Anyway lights turn green I put my foot down then WHAT THE.......this yellow ducati comes out of no where, lane splitting and is in front of my I had to stamp on the brakes so I didn't take HER arse end me a little 'thankyou' wave for letting her in....Um she was already there!!!!
    Anyway off she tears like a mania, changing lanes etc then next set of light weaves all over the road and turns off?!?!?!?!?!
    All I can say it's not always the 'cage drivers' fault when accidents occur, certainly wouldn't have been my fault if I had of hit her.

    My gripe for the day.

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    There are as many stupid bike riders as ignorant cagers, many riders do feel they are above the law of nature and man.. oh well.

    But then with bikes natural selection takes a part...
    Will you insure me?!


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      I would also suggest that as a motocyclist, if you lane spilt you better be sure you can drag off the car you front up to at the line.

      Always used to be fun when it was me bike them car, had a run with a porche once.

      However, the guy on Alexander Drive the other day followed me sheepishly through the next few sets of lights after he lane split me at one set and got the fright of his life when i kept up with him through the intersection.

      It was some manner of an old 600, but that's my point.


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        I honestly believe that yes cage drivers can be ignorant to bike riders , but i believe that 70% of bike acidents are the riders fault, not the cage drivers fault. the logic behind my way of thinking is that bikes are quite often exceeding the speed limit and cage drivers just can't judge the quicker speeds, so they end up pulling out in front of bikes , also , bikes end up doing some pretty stupid shit , spliting lanes in peak hour traffic and wondering why cars don't see them, and being in a position on the road that doesn't make them as visable as they should be !
        well thats what i think anyway


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          just m 2c of whinging as well.

          its so annoying when people on big bores lane split to the front of the lights and just take of nice and gently and get in the friggin way.

          buy all means lane split, it can be alot of fun, just get your a#$e out of the way.

          ps: my car is an old transam with a 454 with twin turbo. may be an old car but F&*k she can go.
          Every one has a story.....


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            Sure lanesplitting can be a dodgy business, I'm a persistant practicioner but there are times when you just gotta not do it for - surely every rider knows that, as for this:

            .... bikes are quite often exceeding the speed limit and cage drivers just can't judge the quicker speeds, so they end up pulling out in front of bikes ....
            I've had so many experiences when I'm behaving, riding under the limit, and a car or truck at a junction ahead sees me, looks me straight in the visor, assess my velocity, ticks it over in their peabrain and then gently pulls out in front of me - 'cos they're in a bigger vehicle. It's like they go 'well if he don't brake sharpish he goin' hurt hisself' - fucks me off.


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              i agree with tex. most of the time its the biker disobeying the laws that gets em into trouble. but on the flip-side of the same token car/truck drivers think bigger = right of passage.

              If your gonna speed you gota be anticipating every single possible obsticle that could remotely appear infront of you especially on suburban streets. And if your lanesplitting ya gota have your wits up aswell cause big things decide to put their nose infront of you. especially in peak hour traffic jams. I know alot of cagers who resent bikes for being able to avoid traffic jams and go out of their way to make it all the more difficult for us to do so.

              Hell the first reason i wanted a bike is cause i was sick of spending 2 hours getting home skyshow night when the bikes flew past me and were home drinking piss before id moved 200m.

              Be careful out there y'all.

              I'm the noob you all pwn!