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Big thanks to Chookie!

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  • Big thanks to Chookie!

    From one Chookie to another, just wanted to thankyou for having us blokes and ladies over at your wonderful home for that killer barbie and spa. Much thanks mate!
    Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.

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    Yup, top lunch, top BBQ mate!!! From the Princess and myself, thanks buddy!!!!

    Will have to repay the favour soon!


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      Yeah.. ditto...

      Great BBQ.

      Thanks alot Chookie... maybe i'll drop into Causeway for a few snags now :shock:


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        Wot they said,

        Sorry I had to race off early, but had a great day.


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          Not a problem.

          Was a pleasure to have you all over. Anytime.

          I will post up some photos of the driveway! The neighbours wouldn't of known what hit them!

          Anyone else get any pictures, post them up.


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            I agree with all of the above

            was a great way to prepare for a track visit

            I got some pics of inside and outside the garden, I will get my computer litterate son to post them up here

            Thanks again Mr & Mrs Madmax ( especially for the stubbie holder ) :twisted: No chance that'll get nicked

            Watch for the edit....


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              I will have to extend a special thanx to the chookster and his lovely wife.

              Thanks for the great day, it was awesome and nice to catch up with a few peeps without putting a helmet on and off all day.

              The Spa was just spot on Sorry u had a soar throat Warpie and couldnt bring yourself to get in da spa wid us......I know, I know u didnt want to expose that third nipple of yours and thats ok really it is:shock:

              Thanx again Chook 8)
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                Thanx heaps alan and wife.

                Was a great day. Spa was tops (next time dont play footsies with me boxhead :twisted: ) and a good time had by all.

                Tell me alan. how much trouble did you really get in when u got home and had left all the dishes for your darling wife???? :o :shock:

                I'm the noob you all pwn!


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                  Callum what do you mean.

                  I loaded the dishwasher before we left.

                  Thats what partners are for, helping each other out.


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                    Yep as everyone has said thanx Madmax and the wife, great time and enjoyed the company...

                    Couldn't think of anything else to do better with my one day off ....

                    P.S Sorry i don't know your wife's name Alan ....

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                      P.S Sorry i don't know your wife's name Alan ....

                      MadMaxine :!:


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                          ok .. did i miss something ?
                          Nick :twisted: