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    Long story short.. need a mobile mec to do a check on a grey import before I hand over any money, the guy bringing it in is a car importer(in Wangara) ,he imports bikes for a hobby,got some room leftover in the odd container. hmmmm . so far hes been up front and seems to know what hes doing , but I dont know enough about bikes yet to make a good decision ..The bike only arrives late April hurry just wanted to see if anyone knew someone that knows their stuff (and isnt going to charge me $100 for a tyre kick)..
    my little twin .........5 weeks 5 days 16 hours 24 min to go..

    ..Sweeeet... 8)
    .. practice .. practice.. practice ..

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    Well it looks cute, but that's not really enough to go on is it?


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      Not the actual bike .just a pic the same colours . The bike on the way here has - 22k -good overall cond - red -no photo available ( already boxed up )
      and a good price .. the deal Ive got is He brings the bike over from Japland gets it licenced-and compliance plated and I get first option on buying it deposit no signatures .. If I was to get one from over east it would cost a almost $1000 more than this way(all up front) .. another plus is the bike is left complete ..Sumoto and alike bring their bikes in as parts..then the apprentices play lego.. :? Im probly looking at around $3000 inc on road .

      .. does the RAC have motorbike specilaists ????
      .. practice .. practice.. practice ..


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        does this importer has a website dood?
        Gankaz DaOgre



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          nope . found him in the Sunday times . parantly he can only bring in bikes
          89 -91 because of his import licence ,so he cant bring any bike in .
          if you want to know more Ill pm you ..I havnt met him yet so I dont want to advertise for him just yet . Everything seems to be legit, we'll see how it goes.He had some other bikes in his show room they all looked good (nice and shiney)....and they had copliance plates on them so ......
          .. practice .. practice.. practice ..