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  • The time has come...

    Ladies and gentleman of the class of PSB.

    The time has once again rolled around for me to do something crazy once again. I booked my ticket last night for the 16th of April to head over to Oslo, Norway to bartend or bust. With a little stopover in bali of course.

    The TZR has been sold but ill still be riding until i leave. Its been an experience gettin to know and ride with you all and kinda sad to leave it. BUT i will be back most likely around October if all goes as planned. And this time i will be armed with my full licence and hopefully with a beautiful 636 between my legs.

    Ill be goin to Summer in norway, so be ENVIOUS. And ill also be renting a bike for a week and riding around the mountains and fjords with a hot scandinavian ice princess waiting for me in the sauna back at the cabin.

    No need to say goodbyes yet though, still got a few weeks riding to fit in!


    PS. There will be a Toga party being held at my place on saturday 10th of April. It will be my going away orgy... umm.. I mean party. :twisted:
    The circus is calling...

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    Nice 1 Markorama, count me in for the Partae. hmmmmmmm ice princesses schawwiiiiiiing
    1, Always look good
    2, Always know what you're doing
    3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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      Travel safe mate, hope to catch up with you before you leave!
      If you can... you MUST!


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        Re: The time has come...

        with a hot scandinavian ice princess waiting for me in the sauna back at the cabin.
        yeah we can all dream

        Happy and safe travelling mate.....


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          norwigean chicks hmmmmmmmmmmm....

          have fun dude, dont forget to share the pictures you take with the chicks...and make sure you are not in them cos we will be hell jealous.

          looking forward to seeing your 636 between your legs
          Ideal Soccer Team


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            YOU BASTARD!

            I can't believe your doing this.. your just gonna pack up and leave like that? YOU BASTARD!!!

            nahh.. have ag ood one duder.. better get me a wicked pressie, cause I swear, I'll be one Mad Kitty when you get back.
            I'm a good kitty, good in bad ways, and bad in good ways.


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              you suck Markus... i thought we had something special :cry: :cry:


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                I have love all around children... But there is a time when one must let loose of those he loves to sail free... if the winds bring him back then it was meant to be....

                Truth is im running from that fucked up photo.... :evil:

                Party easter saturday kids... keep it free... invites will be handed out.
                The circus is calling...


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                  Markus if the pic bothers you that much :oops: PM Firestorm,Ask him to remove it from his host site.

                  But with with a little sick humour he might be persuaded to send it to the West Australian with a heading like "LOOK MUM I JUST SAW SOME TITTIES"