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  • Important: First Aid Course

    Hey guys.. I just finished a first aid course as part of my tafe stuff, and it really got me thinking.. (especially after i quizzed the lecturer on a heap of motorbike accident stuff.)

    I'm not 100% sure about this, but from a few old topics i've read on here about bike accidents caught my attention. In most it says not to move injured rider for fear of a spinal injury. I havnt bothered to go back and find the topics because im a lazy bastard, but from what i've been told this isnt always the best thing to do.

    the lecturer summed it up with a story, as they do: a pregnant lady in a cage, had a small accident in a carpark which knocked her out, so she was slumped over the steering wheel. Everyone standing around was like 'dont move her, she might have a spinal injury etc etc.' so they left her as she was. In her position, her airway was blocked, and she died cuz she couldnt breath when all they had to do was tilt her head back. such a simple thing, and they lost two lives because of it.

    I mentioned bike accidents, and she said the same goes for them: -always- take the helmet off, -always- loosen clothing, and roll them to the recovery position, because if they're knocked out, their tongue rolls back (blocking the airway) or the muscle that switches when u breath/swallow relaxes and blocks airway or vomit comes up, collects in the back of the throat, then ends up in the chest (death).

    As I said, I cant really remember the topics I read before, but I know that a lot of people think you shouldnt even touch a rider if hes down. If hes conscious, its alright cuz obviously hes breathing. but if hes out, you -must- roll him and make sure he can breath. the chance of spinal injury from the roll itself is negligable, cuz its usually the initial impact that causes the damage. but its better to be alive with a fucked spine then dead cuz u choked on ur tongue while ur mates stood around doing fuck all. And she went so far as to say that usually ur spine comes up good after the swelling goes down, so what seems like a bruised and badly damaged back isnt. How would you feel if you or one of ur mates died from something as simple as that??

    maybe the first aid courses you guys were thinking of doing before are a good idea.. its deffinately got me thinking.

    P.S. if ive got it wrong about those old topics, then just ignore me
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    Part of what you say is spot on.... but first aid is common sense.

    If you have a dood who has just come of his bike in a way that could have created a spinal injury, and he is breathing and conscious, then naturally there is no advantage in taking his lid off and risking injury.

    If you have come across the rider not breathing or unconscious, then naturally you are guna have to do whatever you can to get him breating again and if that means taking his lid off, so be it.

    It aint rocket science, its just common sense.

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      yeh, that phrase got used a lot in the course.. 'common sense'

      I was just worried that some people might not make the distinction about what to do between a conscious person and an unconscious person, especially after the stories she told.. simple situations where you'd think people would use common sense, then dont. And even with an unconscious person whos breathing, they can stop breathing at a moments notice..

      Its deffinately common sense, but if theres still a risk there.. why not manage it?
      You cant mess up that which you were born to do.
      Pain is just weakness leaving the body.


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        I assume the taught you the DRABC thing?

        Without starting a quality of life debate the theory goes ...

        If moving someone may injure their spine don't do it unless it is to get them breathing, their heart started again or out of the way of some immediate danger... e.g. falling stuff (but remember your own safety too).

        If something is going to squash them, you don't get them breathing or their heart started then they will definately die, so move them as little as possible to do what you have to.

        If you get them living again and you injure their back, well they live, and in theory its better to live in a wheelchair than not at all.

        Don't take helmets off unless you have to, there is a procedure to follow as it can stress the neck and cause injury. Opening the visor should be enough to get air if they are already breathing.


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          I have been taught a number of different things from a number of sources.

          Move them .. dont move them .. etc . there are a number of different theories around.

          At the end of the day do the best you can in the situation you are placed within (and yes I have been there a few times)

          Thats is all that can be asked of you.

          And if your ever in doubt just say. Whats his chances if I dont act ?
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            i think with common sense, some people dont think or can't think in situations as this because you panic. when you panic i dont think you have common sense.....i think doing course like this makes you feel more comfortable to do something when accidents happens then if you never done any sort of training at all. I think its a self confidense thing to do something instead of panicing in these situations......
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