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My baby got dented

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  • My baby got dented

    Ok so I bought a zx-6r and I have taken up a second job so I can pay her off nice and quickly. Now my second job is in a nightclub at northbridge. And parking your car around that area is not only dodgey but also mostly very hard, unless you want to pay a fortune. So I ride my bike and I did what I thought was the smart thing and put it in CCP..central city parking. And since the rates are halved it's not so bad. But early sunday morning I get to my bike and someone pushed it over =( My brand new baby got dented. The pipe got dented the indicator got pushed in but somehow not broken the fairing scratched up but not cracked and the footpeg.....I couldn't find the footpeg.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to handle this nightmare...cause I'm very Arrghh about the whole thing and it's hard to concentrate..stay calm etc.

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    Report it to the cops, then contact City of Perth as all the car parks have cameras, you may see the offender getting in or out of a car and can get a plate.

    Do the leg work yourself as the cops won't get around to it for ages.


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      I went to CCP today....can't see the bike because I parked it so it wasn't possible for a car to touch it so it must of been someone fucking pretending to be rossi on my bike and then tipped it.


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        Sorry man but i don't like your chances.. may I suggest Lone Ranger's Shooting Gallery, good way to let of stress.

        When i was bouncing we used to park our bikes all together and the manager of the pub used to keep an eye on them.

        I've found that bikes are safer parked in an obvious place as there are heaps of people around. You run the risk of a cage bumping it, but less chance of a dickhead messing with it as any passer by could be the owner.

        I've also found that when they're parked in a group of bikes half of perth assumes you're a mean, nasty bikie gang and gives them a wide birth. People have such poor opinions of us


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          Sorry to hear man. Its a bum deal when that sorta thing happens.

          As Doorman said, if parking in northbridge, park where everyone can see u and pref near aother bikes. As u know, bike riders look after their own so best be near other riders.

          Best spot would be out from of the Dome on Crn Lake and James. Always bikes around there and Mr Barista (Forum member) is only 20 feet away most of the time.

          So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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            Comiserations Pepico, sucky news. I also reckon that parking in plain view is the safest, I reckon the kind of prick who will play Rossi on your bike in the corner of a carpark will know better than to touch it in public incase another biker creams him/her - well at least they fear they'll get creamed 'cos bikers are all hella scary bastards on crack.


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              Try out the front of Geisha too.

              My girl is the manager there and the big nasty security man parks his bike there all night and is standing there to watch it from 11pm to 6:00 am

              Having ya bike knocked over sucks, found mine on the ground once outside my place in Sydney. wtf is wrong with ppl.



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                Just on what Deej said about bike riders looking after their own... well, almost.

                Last week I parked my bike in a bike parking spot there was a bike to the left of me but no bike to the right of me as I backed in. No problems... So I toddle off to do my thing, then about 15 mins later I returned and someone had parked to the right hand side of my bike. His left hand mirror was actually resting on my front cowling. I had to actually MOVE his bike to get mine out. He didnt leave any marks on my bike luckily.
                If you can... you MUST!


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                  did you rest your fist on his face?


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                    That just pisses me off. Some people have no consideration for anyone else.
                    What pisses me off the most is when these old timers with their old bmw twin motorcycles park next to you and use the centre stand to put their bikes up. When they are to the left of you it like hell to get onto your bike. Sometimes i just feel like pushing em over. BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Best spot would be out from of the Dome on Crn Lake and James.  Always bikes around there and Mr Barista (Forum member) is only 20 feet away most of the time.
                      true dat, i park there, not all night but when i go out to dinner or similar, suprised the Barister myself the other night when he saw me pull up on a twin, i even had magenta tiger there to move my bike outa the way of a leaving cage, service wid a smile