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  • Broome Street Bikes?

    Ok so this is Perth Street bikes, which is fine 'cos I'm in Perth....well this week anyway. I've just accepted a 3 month secondment to Broome. Any day now I'm being flown up & they're shipping my worldly goods up too - including my bike, how cool is that?? I thought briefly about riding up but then common sense kicked in - much as I love my li'l beasite, I ain't doin 2200ks on a naked bike
    Does anyone know what the roads are like up there? Any decent routes? Any PSB folks up there? Fuck, are the roads sealed up there or shall I be sticking nobblies on the ZR-7?
    Anyone with any useful info?


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    Roads are generally in pretty good conditiion but not many corners.
    Biggest thing going against it is the heat and the wildlife. Lots of cattle and roos. Mate was in Kathrine for a while and knew a guy that hit a horse and died.


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      Heat, cyclones, straight roads, lots of red dirt.

      Lived in Karratha which is a bit south of Broome for four years. It was hot as stink and dry as buggery, except for every now and then when you get a cyclone come through. Couldn't really tell you what the bike situation is like up there, wasn't into them at the time. Though you should always know where you're going before you take off, servo's are pretty scarce up there outside of the towns (assuming it's the same as it was when I was last up there).

      Oh, and stacks of roos and emus. If you think kangaroos are nuts, wait until you run into some wild emus. Those are some crazy-ass kamikaze birds and they can run like all hell.


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        your nearest decent ride roads are in Kunnanara
        which are half a days ride away - and by decent I mean they are not staright - so if u like doin 240k plus - go past the WA NT border (which
        is a little futher on) and then its unlimitted speeds which is heaps of fun


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          Thanks for the tips boys. Now what have I learned?
          The native fauna is bastard crazy - stay the fuck away from native animals
          Cows and horses are dangerous - stay away from all animals
          The roads are dull - few interesting rides
          Servos are rare - no unplanned rides
          It's hot - invest in beer
          Cyclones come through - stay indoors with above mentioned beer

          Conclusion - beer.


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            Beer solves all!

            By the time you get back I might just have that bike I've been talking about for aaaages John.
            teh sig!


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              i lived in Derby for 18 years.... 256km's north of broome.... and for the type of riding i do....the roads are shit... mostly in dire need of attention...unsealed... etc however when you get out of town...the roads improve...however its mainly straights...with a few slow sweeping bends... wildlife can be a prob too...roo's and shit... lucky yer only there 3 months huh?


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                The Roebuck Hotel has a decent row of bikes out front every Sunday session... so get along there for a (soft)drink and meet up with some local riders.

                Sprint 8)
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                  Ok so I've tried the beer strategy and I'm fuckin' shaky as dog in a wet sack today. Well I did include a little whisky & ok just a little bit of tequila too.
                  The Roey is a bit dodge though - barchicks in bikinis sounds good but is actually really tacky. Maybe check out the bike scene on Sunday.
                  Tell you what though the're not fussy about keeping the roads in order up here - most corners & roundabouts in & around town have 1/2 a truck or so of sand scattered about for your riding inconvenience. Everyone up here drives monster 4wd cages - troopies & patrols etc - so they don't give a shit.
                  But oh the ocean looks beautiful up here, tropical aquamarine. Complete with tropical saltwater crocodiles & sharks & teensie weensie bastard jellyfish that kill the fuck out of you, and if you ask me that's just bang out of order.
                  Still, 3 months up here is lookin' better & better every day - I think I'll cope.
                  Oh and Matt - I'll believe you about the bike when I actually see you riding the fucker.