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If its on 4 wheels its probably trying to kill you.

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  • If its on 4 wheels its probably trying to kill you.

    Today (Wednesday) on my way home from work i was approaching the light at Joondalup Drv and Eddystone Ave... i was on eddystone. I looked over and saw, on joondalup drv just before the lights - a yellow VTR250 stuck in the front of some kind of delivery truck!!!

    It turns out it was a student of my old instructor.... the instructor who gave my mum a lesson on the same bike the day before!!!

    So i stopped, tried to do my bit to help, etc...
    What happened was the student and the truck were both stopped at the lights.... they went green, the student stalled the bike (Common for a learner, no?)... the stupid bastard in the truck pulled away as normal and ended up with the VTR as a new front piece to his truck.

    To top that off, he tried to say it's not his fault, instead it's the students fault..... WTF!!! He hit her from behind!!!!
    Even though ANYONE can stall a car or a bike at the lights or where ever... u would think that the BIG FUCKIN YELLOW VEST she was wearing with a BIG 'L' on it would also indicate that shes a LEARNER!!!! I dont know bout u lot... but i would think learners are more prone to stalling....

    But this certified cock sucker obviously didnt see that... or the bright yellow stationary bike........ wanker.....

    Anyway - the student was a bit sore, nothing broken and obviously shaken up by it all..... so all is ok.

    The bike looks like the subframe is bent up a bit as the bumper of the truck was between it and the rear tyre.


    Also to top all that off... when i was leaving, i dont a U-turn at the small roundabout on eddystone ave...
    I was about 180 degree round it... and some stupid lil skank in her cage decides that shes bigger than me so its ok... and drives straight through it right infront of me.

    I was headed right at her driver's side door.. and she looks out the window, doesnt even change the look on her face and looks away and continues on her little mindless drive (probably killing as many bike riders as she could on the way) as if nothing happened and what she done was totally fine.....

    I say we should all have guns and freedom from the law to dispose of such total fucking air wasting bastards at will....


    im done...

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    It seems to be getting more and more like this everyday, just today I saw two similar incidents to yours (both in business park @ Joondalup).


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      I'm thinking of fitting a 1 metre peice of titanium rod about 35-40mm dia to my fork leg with quick release clips so I can whip it off and take out some windows and lights. Its expensive shit but it would be the ultimate in anti social weaponry. If I could get 6 people interested a 6meter length would be a lot cheaper. AND it would come in handy for mutinovas too. Any takers?


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        how much??


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          i will take two thanks....


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            If I got 5cents for every time a car almost smashed into me i'd be a rich man.


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              Some complete tosser tried to kill me the other day, he was parked on someone's lawn, and does a massive u turn right in front of me, no indicator, nothing. To top it off, he gives me a goofy wave and goes "aww sorry"

              Man i miss the days when i used to carry a sidearm


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                Out of interest what was the name of the instructor? My instructor used a yellow VTR250 and worked in that area often.


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                  Out of interest what was the name of the instructor? My instructor used a yellow VTR250 and worked in that area often.
                  His name is Craig, from the "Johns riding school " lot.


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                    Tiger, how much we lookin at? Wouldn't a telescopic nightstick suffice?
                    mmmmm sacrilicious


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                      I was leaving the carpark at my work the other day when some twat in a tiny 900cc cage entering the carpark came straight at me, looked up at the last second, swerved & missed me by inches. Then he smiled at me, waved his mobile phone - which he had been busy texting on - as if it was a reasonable excuse, and drove on.

                      ...AK-47 the very best there is, when you absolutely posively got to kill every dick in a cage, accept no substitute.


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                        The inside of the front fairing should hold a small firearm or the likes quite nicely.

                        *Gets out the sketch pad*


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                          I'm in....where do i sign up......i've had my fair share of cage wankers


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                            I beleive that you can get genuine shotgun holders for BMWs And i'm sure theres a bit of knowledge out there regardsing where to place them on a Harley.


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                              spike i dont think beating up cage drivers are you biggest worry right now.
                              this looks more painful than being a mexicans ass sphincter

                              the doctor said i wouldn't have so many nose bleeds if i kept my finger out of there.