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  • R1 time is here

    [i][b]Just to let you all know that I called my dealer today and was told that the bike will be here on Tuesday next week and shall be ready for Wednesday. Hope fully they have enough of my color.

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    most excellent. i'll see you all wed night then!!!!


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      i like ur better than mine

      i spoke to the dude on thursday arvo before i flew out.

      they are only expecting one in each colour for the first delivery with a second one close ( 4 - 6 weeks ) behind

      i hope hes wrong .. !

      so if your are second for your colour .. youve still got some time to go.
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        If you guys get up to the track this Sunday a couple should be circulating.
        Apparently strett cull has already gotten under the 60s around Barbagallo on a stock bike!


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          strett was certainly flying on the stock one yesterday :o it just had suspension mods and a set of slicks.i was doing 63,s and he was cruising past me without it even looking like he was trying.cant wait to see it in the one of the races.


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            Yeah saw the 04 run around the track ... Looks bloody quick ....

            I am gonna have to have a test ride ....
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              hey ompa. talked to darren today. mine is one of 3 red ones in WA. i assume u wanted a silver 1, dunno what the other colour is that he is getting, but he is only getting 2 in this first lot. that means i'll be in scarbs wed night, hope to see u all there!