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    Looks like I am grounded for a while.

    The CBR still has the noise when suspension compressed, but it only does it when hot and only intermittantly. Noise sounds like it is coming from the bottom of the bike in the middle.

    I have done a spanner check on all bolts, fasteners, bushings, bearings etc all are fine. I am missing one bolt off sprocket cover but I can't see that making a difference.

    Also I think my clutch may be on the way out. I went to nail it at 6000 and it just slip to 9000 with out going anywhere well fast anyway. Only ever done it once though.

    Would that be plates, basket or springs?

    Bike has had new Motorex Synth oil in as well. Made a huge difference too. Took a lot of the clunkiness out the the CBR's box.

    Also put in K&N and NGX Iridum. "Feels" like it has another 10hp

    Also I am in the middle of moving so I have to devote my time and $$ to that 1st.

    Sorry Warpie and the rest looks like I'll be out of the rides until after April
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    sorry to hear that Cbr1k....hope to see you back on the road soon, noise free....well cept exhaust and tyres ..... take care till then mate.
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