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idiot on a ZV9R on friday on freeday

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  • idiot on a ZV9R on friday on freeday

    Should read the previous post for the following reasons
    A/ their is no reason to lay a bike over than far to change lanes in peak hour traffic flicking thru traffic scaring the crap outa drivers.
    B/ popping monos with a car less than 7 metres in front and behind gives us all a fucking bad rep, save it for the hills you idiot. If you fucked up that mono think of the person driving behind youwho would have run you clean over you, seriously behavior like that in peak hour packed freeway as you pulled out at manning road exit fucks us all up, grow up you idiot.

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    again Nathan......some people just dont know how to Right Time, Right Place
    "Continuous effort--not strength or intelligence--is the key to unlocking our potential." - W. Churchill