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Helmets....Shark, Arai, Shoei ,HJC ??????

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  • Helmets....Shark, Arai, Shoei ,HJC ??????

    I was gonna set aside around $600 for a new helmet.....just curious as to problems, pluses you guys may have had with certain types of helmets.....

    Any ideas ?????
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    I got a AGV and i'm pretty happy with it. I like the clip instead of having to manually strap it up but it comes down to personal preferance.


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      i reckon suomy helmets are the best for me but arai helmets are pretty good too, a tad expensive but hey you pay for what you get. I got myself a HJC and they're okay, can't complain too much for the price.


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        i got myself a HJC a couple of years ago, cause i couldn't afford a shoei, but they are nice and comfy, and not expensive, but i still think the shoei has the best fit for me.

        real subjective though, cause a cheaper helmet that fits perfectly is better than an expensive one that doesn't fit.


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          If you got a 'roundish' shaped head go a HJC. SOOO comfy.

          Also note people with roundish shaped heads and what helmet they own, i gaurantee 9/10 its a HJC


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            you saying i have a roundish shaped head?????

            *looks in mirror*............ bollocks


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              I tried on a couple of HJC and AGV helmets before I settled on a Shoei last time, it just felt like a lounge chair for my head. But it depends on the shape of your head and stuff I guess, haven't tried on an Arai yet but I keep hearing good things about them.


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                shoei's seem to have less air movement through the helmet (vents don't seem to let much air through), but they are very quiet, while the arai's have the possibilty of more air movement through them (vents can let more air through) but they are a bit noisier when riding.


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                  Shoei's are yummy. Its the only one that really fits me so I may be slightly biased

                  I have never had a problem with lack of air movement - its rare that the visor ever fogs (and I dont bother with a breath gaurd) and it is nice and quiet. Changing over the visors is really quick (I do it a LOT) and the components look nice and sturdy. The tint on the iridum visors is nice too - doesnt seem to scratch - it may be a n urban myth, but are some manufacture's iridium visors scratch more than others - that was what one dude told me at a bike shop. Oh and the helmet is a nice wieght - not too heavy, but not one of the lightest helmets you can buy.


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                    My HJC is all good, surprisingly comfier than a couple SHOEI's I've tried and less noisey too
                    mmmmm sacrilicious


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                      Axo RR-6 is around the 600 dollar mark, it's the lightest helmet available as far as I know. very good value for money.

                      plus you get to be like me.


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                        As long as its a decent one and not a cheapy. Think of a helmet as being insurance for your head. I'm backing Arai, only because it saved my life last year.... :roll:
                        ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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                          i have a HJC CL-12

                          the newer model (CL 14) is out now for like $350 - with graphics from memory... roughly.

                          I kinda rate HJC as a cheaper shoei... similar feel, real comfy (if it suits you) and nicely priced..... the only thing is i reckon the designs are a bit boring... :?

                          I would prefer a shoei... but its just not in my price range at the moment.

                          anyway theres my 2c....

                          <Waits for some totally pointless and 'post-whore' like remark from out good old Number9.....>


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                            I have a HJC and a Shoei ... Personally i like the Shoei .. its is quieter and feels better...

                            I have had a few requests for group buy on helmets .. if there is enuff interest I can try to organise a deal for us.

                            If your interested put a post in the Hamper and I will start something when i get back.
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                              I've dropped about 2 grand in helmets in the last 12 months and now own an RF900 Shoei, an HJC ($300-350 job) and a Shoei X11.

                              The X11 cost me as much as the other two combined (~$1,000), but for mine it's the best money I've spent. Wicked graphics, never fogs (ever), so light and cool to wear and has the breath guard but more importantly leading into winter the chin gaurd as standard. To top it all it stops my head splitting in three in the event of a stack.

                              RF900 is a wicked helmet (You can pick them up for ~$6-700 now without too much hassle), just not as good as my X11, a bit more foggy, a bit more drag/lift at speed, still a great buy tho. Especially for the $$$.

                              HJC's are a good cheap option, nice for the price but I've found that the visors can flip up/vents do whatever they feel like at speed plus they are a little noisy. So not so good for longer rides. For me it's the pillion lid.

                              Always found Arai helmets to be a bit overpriced and a bit of a wierd fit. Not had an Axo etc so can't comment.

                              For me Shoei X11 all the way. Afford it.