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Braided brake lines

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  • Braided brake lines

    Has any had braided brake lines put on there bike recently? If so where and how much it cost ya? And also a rear sprocket as well?


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    yep. mine were about $450 for front and rear, and the front was two hoses from the master cylinder, rather than one hose then a T-piece, then two hoses. supposed to be better this way. great investment though, and the brakes felt a lot better straight away, more feel at the lever, more obvious adjustment options, etc. well worth the cash


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      i'm looking at getting some in a few weeks, shouldn't need to pay that much though......


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        that was for the full set of goodrich hoses, the best fittings on option, and the bike shop fitting them for me cause i am a complete gumby in this respect! if ya did the work yourself, then it shouldn't need to cost that much.....


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          ahhhh. that'd explain the excessive price then. i think a set of goodridge lines (front only, but with all the stuff u need to do it) is about $250 in australia


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            I got a set of front and back goodridge lines in the shop waiting for me to put them on the bike ( Tommorow or Wednesday ) with double stainless steal banjo bolts up front for the great price of $350 .....

            They make a great differance ....
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              i gotta get a set too
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                i was quoted $320 fitted for goodridge braid lines (in a clolour of my choice :twisted: ) bit expecnisve on a uni budget tho