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    Anyone ever lost a passnger off the back?

    Had a few close calls and was wondering how often it happens


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    s few years back my cousin was dinking my now wife on the back of his ZZR1100 and it has that poxy little grab rail on the back.he got up to 250kph oops i meant 25kph :shock: and she was hanging on and couldnt tell him to slow down as she felt if she moved one hand of the grab rail she would slip right of.she vowed never to go on the back again unless there was a gearsack on the back :shock: she was crying when she told me this i found that quite funny.thats about the closest i,ve heared of.


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      When I was the tender age of 15 (save the disapproval) and showing all the wisdom and responsibility of said age, I was at the Kalamunda Rd / Roe Hwy lights on my then girlfriend's stepfather's ZX9R. She was pillion.

      Long story short, a guy on an RGV pulls up next to us and revs his little ricerino-oilburner like a total flange. Not to be out flanged, I duely accepted his challenge and proceeded to nail the shit out of it when the lights changed. The front wheel came up.....waAAaay up and we took off through the intersection like a bat out of hell. However, I soon felt the tail of the bike was much lighter than it had been. I looked in the mirrors and saw Jess sitting spread eagle in the middle of the intersection and although she had a fullface helmet on at the time, my memory states that she did not look amused by it.

      Funny how women are like that sometimes.

      For a long time after that the only joyrides I took were solo efforts.


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        Being a pillion can either be GREAT or DAM SCARY. It also takes skill to be a good pillion as it does being the rider. I have been lucky enough to be a pillion with guys who are good riders...however at times the speed has been way to fast and stupid and a good slap on the helmet has relayed this message...or a hard kick in the shins when we have stopped.

        Respect your pillion as their life is in your hands.


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          As funny as DC's story is, I share Pure-Power's views. Look after and respect your pillion's right to live.

          I've taken heaps of chix on my bike, many for their first time (giggle).. and as a rule, I make sure it's a pleasureable first experience. A couple have actually said "go faster". I like taking girls riding, so I wouldn't want to scare them off forever.. but when your mates go "take us down tha shops maaate" now that's a different story.. zOOOOOm
          mmmmm sacrilicious


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            my dad told me a story that some years ago ( prolly about 1856 or there abouts ) When him and his mate were returning from a pub in Scotland he was "flying" ( on an old Matchless :!: :!: ) he went over a hump bridge (part his regular race sprint home) Then some distance up the road he wondered why his mate wasn't talking too him, he realised he lost his passenger he turned and went back along the road to the bridge hoping to see him on the way ( it was a night so very dark ).When he couldn't see him he feared the worst but switched off the bike ( he needed it running to use the headlight) and only then could he hear his mate screaming and laughing in the longrassed field at the side of the road..... No damage was done,probably because they were both blind drunk and he cleared the bridge and landed in the long soft grass.....