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Private buying and the Redbook

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  • Private buying and the Redbook

    Im in the hunt for my first 250cc bike and I have been doing alot of research of the bikes I am interested in and the prices private and dealers are charging for them.

    I use the Redbook as a guidance as most people would to value how much a bike would be worth in the quest for my first bike. The question I ask is, why are private owners and dealers charging more than what the book recommends?

    I am seeing early 90's model Honda CBR250RR selling for 6500-8000 (private and dealership) when they are only worth $3700-$6500 (varies on condition) and later models for max. $6500-7000. This goes for other bikes such as ZX2R, VTR250, ZZR and various others.

    Is the Redbook no longer a tool for determining the market value of a bike? Or are sellers just too over confident in their price? So if it has mods such as an aftermarket exhaust, the pricing shouldn't include the cost of the mod but, at least remain the same, if not less.

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    250's tend to have (slightly?) inflated prices due to the high demand of having one as a first bike. the red book also gives the prices for the year and average kilometres and good condition for the age of the bike. eg, the red book price for my bike is 10k to 11900, but due to the low kilometres on it for the age (12800 since Nov 2001) i have been told to expect about $12k to $12500 private sale. also the price of the parts on it, but on the 250's there is usually only a can, so that is not much. just expect to pay about the same for a 95 CBR250RR as a 95 CBR900RR....... weird the way it happens...... :?


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      Redbook claim to base there figure on "National Average".

      But due to the fact that bike population in WA compared to the East is SFA they don't really reflect the going rate in WA.

      There's more 250's for sale over there "than you can poke a stick at".
      That and the fact that a few of the state's now go on a power to weight ratio rather than cc's, making some of the bigger bikes legal and further dropping the demand/price of 250's. (WA pollies always years behind the 8-ball)

      WA: Not that many good 250's & you gotta ride on for a year = $$$$

      As for mod's don't really factor that into the price, that's just a bonus.

      My opinion on buying a 250 is get something "cheap" (under $4k) but in mechanically in good order, if it's got scrates and shit, haggle more off the price, but don't waste money fixing it and then you can save your money so you got more bucks stashed to buy a big bike in a year.

      Edit: Beaten to the post by Bulbous.


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        So is it worth importing one from Eastern states as there is more range and colours and lower in price. I have notice some places are offerring free delivery and free helmet and jackets on late models CBR250RR and Suzuki GSX250R for $7000. Still I dont like the idea of not seeing the bike in person before purchasing it from a photo.


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          I don't reckon its worth the trouble for your fist bike.

          You're probably going to come off it and scratch it up a bit, I agree with dugy, get somethign cheap and ok looking that runs well. Buzz around on it for a while and then get a nice big bike or fancy imported if you like) 250 if you plan to stay with them.


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            I'm usually one to bag the 250cc market.. and in this case, it's no different. Heh.

            The Redbook figures are, at best, a guide; and as a wise person spoketh here in WA they're even less relevant than normal. Personally I would avoid buying a 250 from a dealer, you'll pay a way increased mark-up (I've seen 1991 CBR250RRs for $8000+!) and even though you get a warranty IMNSHO it's not worth the price difference.

            As another wise person said, get something generic & save your cash for a "real" bike. It just aint worth it...


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              Or pick up a CBR RR in the middle of winter for $5,000 when everyone is desperate to sell something then trade it in for $6,000 when you sell it.



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                hey dude,

                i hve just brought my first bike. its very hard when you first start but this is what i did... chose my budget, went and rode everything in the 250 class that i could so i could compair and then went private!! dealers bikes are way to expensive i mean you get a warranty n all that but it it worth the inflated prices? everyone i spoke to said to stay away from imports espically not so common ones but yeah in the end it come down to what u feel most comfortble on and how much money you have. just be patient i ended up with a RGV in mint condition and am fully happy.

                good luck dude if ya want a hand pm me




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                  I'd just recommend getting something mechanically sound for your first bike, don't bother blowing your budget out. It's a 250, all your non-bike friends will think it's cool because they don't know better, and all your bike friends will sympathise because they had to do it as well


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                    That's the same problem I'm having...would love a CBR cause they are HOT...but they are over priced as far as I am concerned.....I think I will hang off until winter and try the market then, I'm prepared to spend a bit on a 250 as I don't see me getting a bigger bike.


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                      i bought a 91 zzr250 for $3800. crashed it once. had a mate fall off it on grass and crack the fairing. put about 40,000kms on it. serviced it 4 times. never changed the tyres. sold it a year and a bit later for $3,500.

                      unless you are going to stick with it i wouldn't get a cbr or zxr. they are cool little bikes but i couldn't justify the pricing. it really depends what you want out of your first bike.


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                        it really depends what you want out of your first bike.
                        To pass litre bikes on obriens :?: :twisted:
                        1, Always look good
                        2, Always know what you're doing
                        3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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                          i bought a 91 zzr250 for $3800. crashed it once. had a mate fall off it on grass and crack the fairing. put about 40,000kms on it. serviced it 4 times. never changed the tyres. sold it a year and a bit later for $3,500.
                          You sold it with the busted-arse fairing, or you got it fixed before that?


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                            both times it got dropped were on the same side. i never repaired it. it had a pretty big crack and some scratches...