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  • Accidents

    Well... i have this presentation i need to do for uni, and i got to thinking it would be interesting to see what sort of percentage of bikers have come off their bikes in day to day riding, either through their own fault or caused by the environment ( oil, wet conditions, cagers etc). Perhaps it is a silly question? maybe it is more a question of when you will have an accident? I have only been riding a few months so would appreciate the input of those long term riders especially


    Has had an accident
    Haven't had an accident

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    unfortunately i had to click the top option

    my fault, slightly wet, came it way too hot for a bend... locked front - got it back... then dumped it anyway hehe
    1 broken collar bone and bloody knee... nothing else

    learnt a bit from it too... as u do :shock:

    thats part of why chunkfuck looks so... err... 'special'


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      Damn sounds painful gonzo

      But on the bright side, 'chunkfuck' can't look anywhere near as bad as my gpx

      How long had you been riding for when you had your accident?


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        Hey Ben.

        No accidents on the road *touch wood* after 18 months now.

        Althought the first day on a bike was amusing.

        Ballingup Hills. Never been on a bike b4.
        DR250 that should have been retired to a wrecking yard year proir.

        Instruction from mate. "Don't worry, you'll figure it out."

        Yeah I figured out what it felt to land ass-first in a blackberry bush 30min later! :oops:

        The only consilation was my mate fell of his quad coz he was laughing so hard. :twisted:

        And I got my L's on the way home.

        EDIT: But not having had a crash, is not from cagers lack of trying.....more just good luck.


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          hahahah nice one Dugy.

          umm my crash... err... i been riding a few months maybe...

          no licence... on L's :oops:

          thought i was the L plated Rossifumi soon learnt otherwise


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            i have had three crashes on the road......

            1. crashed at scarbs roundabout on a sunday arvo in the middle of summer, lost the front braking hard in the oil at the line, slid with my hand trapped between the clutch lever and handlebar under the back of a car almost....

            2. ran off the road trying to sit in the 'highchair' position on my bike, just went to slow while trying to get off and she overbalanced.... lucky landed on the verge and not on the bitumen

            3. small highside in the wet on southport street in leederville..... oily roads, and sharpish corner, lost both ends and round and over she went. broken collarbone and grazed knee......

            i have been riding now for 6 and a bit years, the last two crashes happened in the last two and a half months...... :oops:


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              3 stacks Matt you could be heading for a certain shoes award

              I have been riding for about 20 years on and off ( about 7 years on but scattered throughout) some here and some in the UK and never really had a real accident worth recording. I call it good luck...

              your study results could be interesting.


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                3 stacks Matt you could be heading for a certain shoes award    
                nah gordo, i wouldn't get it cause only my bad jokes bring the house down, not my bike.....


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                  Top option...

                  1) 1st day after picking um my bike heading down the road and some chick in a Suzuki heading towards me decided to turn right in front of me. Trying to stop quickly on an XR with knobbies is not all that possible, clipped her sideways and went over the handle bars. Not much damage to me or the bike but fucked up a new set of boots, gloves and helmet....all one day old unfortunately.

                  2) Heading down Adelaide Tce in the right hand lane, some genius decides to U-Turn from the street parking across two lanes through the median opening. Again... not much time to stop, came off the brakes and took it like a man foot got caught on the fuel tap and spun me around so I landed on my back while making a rather large Nath sized impression on the cars roof, one leg hanging through the side window the other with the bike still attached to my foot. Bike was a write off and i had a rather painful limp for a few weeks.

                  Note to self.... Never buy another Road/Trail :?


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                    17 November 1996, rideing home along Marmion ave on my cbr1000 and I overtook a couple of cars just past Burns Beach rd when the commodore in front decided to turn right, i was in the wrong lane and I braked heavily but I clipped the commodore with my leg .
                    I slid down the road and went to get up but there was this "get the fuck out of my way" bone sticking out of my leg so I was'nt going anywhere fast.
                    The other problem was that the commodore was on fire and so was my beloved 10,000 km old bike and I was laying between both of them, a couple of guys moved me which was the most pain I have ever felt since one of them grabbed my broken leg which was 90 deg to where it should be.
                    Broken leg
                    broken pelvis
                    split me between the legs :oops:
                    No insurance, so it cost me $22000
                    $12000 for the car and $10000 for the bike.
                    I put it down to being young and stupid and while it took me 5 years to get back on a bike I am now very carefull and have full insurance,
                    Take it from me everyone, make sure you at least have third party cover, it dose'nt cost much.
                    I am lucky I was in a position that i could cover the costs.
                    Oh and the gear I was wearing at the time was shorts and t shirt, but I was lucky I got very little gravel rash.


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                      3 stacks Matt you could be heading for a certain shoes award    
                      nah gordo, i wouldn't get it cause only my bad jokes bring the house down, not my bike.....
                      Kudos Matt, that was funny as fuck mate.

                      WAXX - holy shit dude! :shock:


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                        Only the one major spill for me. March last year....heading west on Karrinyup Rd approaching West Coast Hwy to turn left. Halfway down the lefthand filter and a car to the right of me (which was slowing down for the red light) decided to turn into the left filter where I was. So because she "couldn't be bothered looking!" I T-boned her causing me and the bike to do a coupla fancy piroettes over the top of her car.
                        End result - one written off Blade and one very sore bod.
                        ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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                          April 1997, ladt went through a red light and folded me in half. So serious injuries. She said in the polica statement that she saw the red light, didn't understand what it meant so she kept going. Yes, thats right, she said THAT in her police statement.

                          2nd bingle December 1 2002. Lady reversed out of her drive after having a blue with her hubby. Ran me over on Karrinup rd as she reversed out and turn onto the road. No excuse from her.

                          Me? I've got 3 fractured vertebra and split my lid open. I don't remember anything 30minutes before the accident and 7 hours after it. Other than a split second vision of me hitting the front right panel of her car and the sound of bike on metal.

                          I'm still going through a crap load of back problems now.....hense why I had to sell my bike.


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                            I consider myself lucky.
                            I have come off twice and pretty much the same way.
                            The first time was in august-september of 2003. going down o'reily/o'brian road and was leading the pack. got to the last left hand corner and doing it at 110, paniced and stood her up and hit the brakes. got onto the gravel and it was either tree, big ass rock or lay her down. I did what came Naturally to me. I laid her down. $6k of damage all covered by insurance thank God. I had a limp leg. brusied muscle caused that. Nothing else. i was okay. :shock:
                            My second spill was like a month ago. This time i was taking my time. Not doing anything crazy and was taking a left hand bend at 60(which i normally do at 80) and the back wheel spun out from under me. Must of been the early morning dew in the shade. Dew and oil don't mix well. The bike is a write off and i just had road rash on the knee. I am okay now. Just got some scab on the knee still.
                            Some of us have to learn the hard way. :roll:


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                              Save me typing, and even doing a copy/paste !

                              Read the details about my crash via my website.