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    Gday All,

    Just a quick note. If you took part in the last group buy and have not collected your jeans yet could you please make the effort to do so soonish.

    I went in to see Madmax yesterday and the poor bloke still has at least half a dozen pairs that have been ordered in especially for us sittin around.

    Also by collecting up these it will allow me to start the next group buy up.


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    Unfortuanately i didnt have the cash needed to purchase any of these fine articles of clothing ..... BUT come on you lot who did, pull your finger out and gop pick up your jeans .....

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      I'll take a pair of the owner doesnt front, just missed out on getting in the group buy, have to check my size at home tonight though


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        Yeah, me too


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          G'day People!

          How much are the jeans? I didn't put in an order, but will happily take some off your hands if a reasonable price, and the original owner of the order as piked it!
          If life is a journey to death, then i want to just barely make it... skidding in sideways out of gas with smoke rolling from the motor on two bald tires, still drunk from last night and still owing everyone money!!!


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            Come on guys who put there hands up for the jeans....your holding up the next buy....I need a helmet :?


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              <looks around>

              I picked up mine, absolutely stoked with em. I like the black better than my blue pair

              Well done Hewie and Causeway Honda

              Btw did the caps ever come in?


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                well im still trying to get up there, but i will, if im working saturday ill be asking for friday arvo off so ill be comming up then!
                sorry chookie, but im good on my purchase, get there as soon as i can mate!


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                  I got my pair. 8)
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                    Group Buy

                    Thanks to those who participated in the group buy.

                    Those that have already picked up your jeans but did not receive a cap, please let me know next time you are passing and I will give you one as they have now arrived.

                    Those who missed out can purchase a pair for the special PSB Group buy price of $175 but unfortunately will not receive a cap. Ask for Chook.

                    Those that ordered but are yet to collect, no problems, just a kindly reminder your jeans are awaiting.