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HOWTO take a corner for noobies

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  • HOWTO take a corner for noobies

    To all ya experienced riders out there.

    Today I saw a GPX rider taking it slow around a corner at the lights, approx 30 km/hr and he was leaning alot, alot, and managed to do it pretty well. Bring a freshie and all Im still getting used to my new set of wheels. The problems lies when I need to take a corner....I take it real slow and I usually get cars on my arse as they tend to turn quicker than I do. I have a phobia of crashing my new wheels which I am trying to avoid and making an embarrassment of myself in the process.

    Can anyone teach me how to take a corner properly without slowing down alot. How far do you lean and will the bike hold?

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    nar dude... ur not alone .. theres heaps of ppl like u, even myself.. i have no confiendce on the road.. with all the sand oil and other crap i just dont have the confidence to lean the bike over.

    The best thing i did was go to the track, but i corner alot harder on the track than i would ever dare on the roads, although my skill on the raod imporved. the track gives you the knowledge of how to take corners alot better.

    Would recommend everyone does some track days.
    Nick :twisted:


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        I wouldn't call myself an "experienced" rider (18 months, or a particularly fast one), but I really REALLY reccomend anyone new to riding does an Advanced Rider course.

        ALERT and SMARTRIDER hold them regularly (monthly?).

        How far can you lean?......How long is a piece of string?

        Just take it easy and smoothly and you'll gradually get your corner speed up.

        Holding up cars? Yeah would be embarrasing, but you'll hold them up more if you become a hood ornament.

        Definately do one of the Adv. rider courses.


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          Learning to take corners fast isn't something you'll learn from browsing the net. You should either progress slowly or a far better option would be to do as Nick said - do a cornering course at the track or with one of the riding schools around Perth.
          All the skills you learn there can be used on the road.

          Check the Sunday times bike section " what's on " for the courses around town.


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            As the guys said its something that comes with time & experience. You are on the right track by seeking advice meaning that you will learn quick, and are trying to learn. When i first started riding I rode with good mates and they took me around their favourite corners where I slowly built up my speed and my lean angle over a few months... BUT only to my comfort zone.

            Leaning her over is a sensation that you will overcome by taking small steps, quite like when learning how to do stunts... Practise, Practise, Practise. Have someone riding with you that will point out mistakes such as body position, accelerator control etc.

            Anyways enrol in a "cornering" class where you will learn leaps and bounds. Don't worry there will be people there that have no idea at all, and some people who are awesome riders but still thirst to be better..

            I've been riding for near on 6 years and I still learn on every big ride, every track day, every time i start her up.

            Be safe and have fun.
            Will you insure me?!


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              Like the other boys said ride with the other good riders and u'll learn quickly to develop the instinct as to what line to take going round a corner.

              I found leaving the corner a lil later to turn than u would in a car and then lean to be a good way to go about it. You cant go as fast around a corner or lean more if u take the corner too early - might find yaself hitting the far side of the kerb.


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                Maybe these guys could give you some pointers, to me though it looks slightly suicidal.

                edit: link has been blocked
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                  I like to know what tyres they using first!


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                    Dont worry about the cars behind you, one thing I tend to do is to do all my breaking well in advance of the corner, that way you are forcing the cars behind you to slow down with you and they are more aware that you will be taking the corner a little slower.

                    From that point on you are free to take the corner at whatever speed you want (usually you start speeding up) as you get more used to your bike you can do this breaking later and later.

                    To me its better than comming up too quick, grabbing the break and praying that the car behind you is breaking hard also.

                    my 2c.


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                      If in doubt lean her out .....

                      Just confidence dude, the more you ride the better u get .... And the corner course's r a real good idea .....

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                        A few elementary things:
                        1. Always keep your eyes on the horizontal - look at any photo of a biker cornering, no matter how far the lean, the head is always level.
                        2. Always look at where you want to go, the bike & you will invariably follow the direction of your gaze. This tip has saved my ass over and over.
                        3. Do your braking before the corner, then you can relax in the corner & pile on the speed on way out if you want.

                        Apart from that, ride with mates & learn how to line up a corner or preferably do a course.

                        The cops used to do excellent riders training days in Maylands but it was cancelled - due to public liability issues I think. Anybody know if it's ever gonna come back?


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                          The cops used to run a course that taught slow speed manoeuvring amongst other things. I was really good and probably saved a lot of lives so the government cancelled it to concentrate on collecting revenue.

                          It would seem that you may be lacking confidence, go out on Sunday with friends and practice your skills on quiet roads or even parking lots. I think that the next MCRCWA track day is only in August but it is worth the wait!
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                            Re: HOWTO take a corner for noobies

                            Can anyone teach me how to take a corner properly without slowing down alot. How far do you lean and will the bike hold?
                            What everyone else has said...... and learn how to counter-steer. Apart from that, take it easy and practice. Cornering isn't something that you can learn overnight, and cornering confidence needs to be built up slowly. Even experienced riders will feel a bit ragged in the corners after a long period of time off the bike.
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                               I like to know what tyres they using first!
                              meh what choice do you have on a 250?