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Honda wins the day !!! JOHN GREEN COURSE

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  • Honda wins the day !!! JOHN GREEN COURSE

    Just came back from the john green cornering course and can honestly say that i had a fantastic time !! got all the track time that i could physically handle and john even let the boys have a bit of an expression session at the end of the day. the instructors were proffesional and really helpful and everyone ended up taking time off there lap times ! but the best part of the day was that a HONDA was lapping waneroo quicker than anyone else ! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: He has a ride day on the 28th of next month so if your interested get together as a group and john will give a discount , it's about 160 bucks for all day !! , unfortunately i won't be able to make it , so someone else will have to blitz the field , lets just hope it's another honda !!!