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  • Smashed 04 R1

    It has been a week tonight since it happenned, and well I am suprised that no one has mentioned it yet, but as the topic says, my baby a 2004 R1 had a slight mishap with a truck. All I know for sure is that when I came too, I was in a daze and was told that I went up the back of a truck, a container truck. For three days after the accident I went to my shed as I was still in shock, but after three days of checking and seeing the poor baby as a wreck I am now sure the accident happened.

    The accident happenned at the corner of Dowd st and Kewdale rd in Kewdale, I am not sure of what happened as mentioned before as I not rememebr anything prior to the lights before. I also do not want to speculate as I am waiting for insurance and also for the police report.

    But I can say is that my bike is buggered, I think it is mainly fairing damage. I myself walked away from it with only facial injuries, and amnesia. The only facial injuries was a blood nose where my head was suddenly forced into my helmet, and a fat lip.

    For the record though as far as insurance goes I will now say that is the good of the bank to make me have insurance before I was able to get my bike, from the shop.

    Also I have been told of someone else who has a red R1 that did a wheelie while showing off and the bike went arse up, does any know who that was?

    So for now I am out of a bike, and get sad every time I think about my baby..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I do not know who was at fault, but I can say for 100% certain that I did not deliberately hit the rear of the truck. I DO NOT HAVE A DEATH WISH.

    For those that are interested I will post pics soon.

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    Dude, sorry to hear about the accident.

    As long as you're ok thats the main thing. It's gonna hurt not having your baby, but remember, BIKES ARE REPLACABLE, YOU'RE NOT!!! (well, if you're insured )

    Hope you take it easy, and yeah, amnesia sucks, I've had it for 18 months...
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        So sorry to hear that Oompa. Glad that you are still among the rest of us.
        If you can... you MUST!


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          I don't remember anything about my amnesia either... :?

          Sorry to hear dude - glad your OK tho.
          Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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            eeeeek!! Glad to hear you are still with us!!


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              Not a happy story man but good to hear you're in one piece. Post pix when ready.


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                good to hear you are okay ompa, i hate not knowing what the hell happened. sorry about the bike....


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                  Glad to hear you are can replace the bike but not yourself


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                    :shock: Ouch, sorry to hear about the prang and I'm glad you're not hurt.... BUT, is the voltage rectifier OK?
                    M o r g z


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                      Nah it was not the voltage rectifiers fault. On my first bike I had a problem with that on the first day I had it, apparantly there was a bad batch for the 2002 R6. But anyway here are the pics of my damaged bike.

                      Also was told that the bike will be repaired, apparantly only fairing damage. YIPPEE


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                        :shock: Bugger.

                        Good to hear at least you're in one piece.


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                          :shock: Bugga.

                          Glad your OK!
                          Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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                            MMM Damn ....

                            Brand new toy all sick .... Good to hear your ok mate .... I'm sure they will fix her good as new ....

                            Having to play the waiting game for your bike back though .... That sucks ....
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                              thats a nightmare!

                              better your bike looks like it does and not you

                              good luck with everything champ.
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