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  • Fuel economy

    I was quite surprised at how often I'm filling up the tank. OK my old CBR600 only has a 16 litre tank, but I seem to hit reserve after around 220 km from the last fill. This made me do some rough calculations on a bit of paper and I think I'm getting around 6 litres per 100 km. Remembering this is a 208 kg bike, by comparison my car, a huge commodore wagon at 1643 kg gets around 9 litres per 100 km. I'm fairly sane on the bike, and it seems to be running OK. Am I expecting too much economy considering it's a sports bike?

    (Unfortunately I couldn't find a good source of bike economy specs online to compare with. Would love someone to point me to some.)


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    My VTR 1000 Firestorm gets me about 150 - 170 ks before the fuel light comes on.....stop your wingeing


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      My TRX gets 200km's from 10L of PULP
      my car (VS) gets 100km's from 10L of PULP

      Bikes are 'cheaper' on fuel but not more efficient. It's all about the fun factor!

      Here's a site to a whole range of fuel usage charts.

      Dunno how it was complied but there are a SHITLOAD of bikes listed.

      *EDIT: I'm guessing they are submitted, coz I get diff numbers to the trx listed and the old boy gets diff values for the 1100GS.
      But is interesting as a rough guide.


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        mine gets 240kays from about 14litres if i take it nice and easy, or 105kays from 14litres if i am mean with the throttle. it is all very subjective.....


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          Honda CBR250RR
          13L with 1.5L reserve.
          I get 240km before hitting the reserve.


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            Thanks for the replies. That webpage was helpful dugy. Assuming "1:17,2" means 1 litre lasted 17.2 km then I'm pretty much spot on that with my bike.

            I wasn't whinging, honest, just curious how others compared. A 200km range doesn't sound much, might not get you from one road house to the next if you went bush -not that these are touring bikes. Anyway, I guess one of the goals of a performance engine is to get as much fuel in to the cylinders as possible. It's the price you pay for fun.



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              My zzr250 seems to get 280kms, about 5.7L/100km or so