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    Hey Guys,

    Would it be against the law to get an ordinary blue and white number plate remade in black with white letters, or any combo??

    Has anyone done this?? anyone been fined for this??



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    yes i think it would be illegal because you not suposed to modify the plate at all.

    I think if a bacon realised what you had done he would ticket you ..


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      It's probably less hassle to buy what you want from the transport dept.

      There's a huge range of options.


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        It's not illegal to make the plate.

        Just you're not supposed to have it on your vehicle. If you do have a non standard plate then you are "failing to display registration plate".

        They'll fine you $50 and potentially seize the plate.

        Besides you waste the government's chance to make more money off you with private plate they wont want you to do that


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          Yeah if you did, you'd have to make it with that reflective paint or they'd ping ya straight away
          mmmmm sacrilicious


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            if they seized the plate'd have no plate...... heheheh :twisted:
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              i suppose that if you want to go and get your normal plate remade as a personal plate you could get it in whatever colour you want be alittle exe tho i think about $220


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                Yeah just go get some customs from the license department ....

                Lot's of colours to choose from ...
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                  Is there any reason why you would WANT your license plate to stand out? just out of curiousity
                  Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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                    changing colors

                    I had a blue and white personalized plate and when I got my new bike I went down to Transport and asked what you wanted to know, It cost me about $80 to get the plate re made in the colors I wanted,

                    Pity though as now the bike all smashed up


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                      I thought it was $150 for a re-make?

                      thats what the brochure said when I got mine...
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                        mine was about $80

                        I did mine about 6 weeks ago and I am sure I not pay more than $80, the guy did try and tell me that I could not have it as that name was already taken, I then had to tell him it was my plate, dam thing is though the day I got the letter in the mail was the day I smashed my bike, so now I got the plate and no bike.


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                          lol, thats a cruel joke.


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                            just a thought... :idea:

                            wouldnt we be able to get pe/psb plates made up?

                            i mean you can get custom plates of all kinds, coucils, yatch clubs, sporting teams, not just eagles & dockers either coz i saw a vic park hockey club plate the other day and psb may have more members than them...
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                              Personally.. I don't WANT plates which will stand out.
                              For one, cops always pick on those people and secondly, it's harder to cover it up :twisted:
                              Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.