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wot u reckon bout 2nd's

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  • wot u reckon bout 2nd's

    Thx for the great welcome guys,

    Now it is time to start buying stuff

    I want to pick up a lid some time this week and had two in mind but I thought I would run it past you guys first.

    - X-2 AGV rossi, wot the best price u reckon u can get of this one ?? 600 ish??

    - Arai Quantum
    that helmet is 2nd hand but as you will read he reckons it has only been used 3 times, wot ya reckon??

    Any other ideas around the 600ish mark??

    Cheers Boyz

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    dude dont buy a second hand helmet. dont just buy for brand name either go to the shop and try em on. make sure they fit right. u might find the one that fits your scone best is half the price of the agv nad probably made better.


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      Go stick a whole bunch on ya head. I was gonna spend up to $500, tried on around a dozen till I finally found something that fit... an HJC CS-12! $300 too
      More expensive doesn't mean it's gonna magically be more comfortable for your particular head shape or anything.


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        Yeah, Im with bastett - try as many as you can, they are all made slightly different. I ended up with a shoei TZ1 for $600, it was the only one that fit. Im glad it did its worth every penny.


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          Yep. Definitely trying on the whole lot is the best. I ended up shopping over east whilst there, and worked on a no limit budget. Ended up with a suomy cause was the best fit - under your price too.
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            Fit is the most important thing with a helmet. You can spend a million bucks on one and if it's just a bit too tight you'd rather be wearing the $200 cheapie. Take the advice above and go try on everything you can. When you settle on a model, then start worrying about the $$$'s.


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              Be flexible with your budget. Afterall, it's insurance for your noggen.
              ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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                like everybody has said go try them all on first

                i like the suomy helmets, but there is just no way i can find one in the shop that fits comfortably , same with axo.

                imho shoei are getting way to expensive and i think if i was gonna spend that much money i'd buy a arai, but then again see pint 1

                i owe 2 hjc helemst are they are grat value for and build quality.

                there are a couple fo shops nw selling the KBC range of helemst , they are new to oz but quite popular in the states - they have some helemst are good prices. just dont buy a chrome they look horrible :shock:


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                  Thx boyz for the help, i will go into a few shops this week and give em a try



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                    Got great respect for the AGV lids after mine saved my noggin and neck.

                    Not the comfiest lid for me though. My new HJC is real comfy but quite noisy compared to AGV.

                    I tried the SHOEI and they are loverly but out of my price range at the time.

                    Try em all on in ur price range and get whats the best fit. Also ask if u can take it for a test ride... Then you can test out noise, vents etc.

                    Oh and as has been said, don't buy 2nd hand lids!

                    Good luck.
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                      The trouble is Hp is that if you take it out the shop you bought it ...

                      So u can't test ride helmets ....

                      Good thought though !!!!

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                        What about second hand lids that are SHOEI and brand new and never worn by a collector? The model may be 2-3 years old but they come with original box, and carry case and the visor still has the orignal plastic wrapping and tag? Are they still valid? Mind you they less than half price (the one i was looking at).

                        Plus there is no use by dates on the lids so its still safe.


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                          man one question why would someone collect lids and not ware them. then sell em 3 yrs later for half what they paid. who's tellin u it aint never been worn. the seller will say anything to convince u to buy ,,,,


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                            if you got a $10 head..... buy a $10 helmet 8)