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  • His mate in Vic...

    I'm new to this forum, so bare with me.

    I felt compelled to become a member and write in after my best mate, who was an active member of this forum, passed away about a month ago. I saw the tribute that you had for him and was quite moved when I heard that many of the members of this forum attended his funeral.

    I was not able to attend the funeral because of my army comittments and some of the bull-shit rules the army imposses on attending funerals of non-family members, compassonate leave and so on.
    My sister(nicola)and Father(terry) attended the funeral in my place.

    I was posted to Darwin previously, And I came down to Vic earlyier this year on a posting To ALTC. I don't know if he(Leif) mentioned this mate of his in Darwin, who owned a blue 02 ZX12r, well that's me.

    When I found out that he had passed away (after speaking to him a week earlier on the phone), I nearly went awol just to attend the funeral, after some thought, and speaking to the base padre, I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea, I don't think my mate would have wanted me to go to jail on his behalf.

    Last xmas holidays was going to be big! But the transport company sent my bike to adelaide instead of perth(long story there, comedy of errors), So I missed out on meeting some of you, and all the cool rides around perth and up in the hills.

    I'll be back In Perth around early July to speak to his family and try and get some answers to my many questions(I'll probably never find out why)
    I still feel very sad and somewhat isolated over her, but you get that on the big job's...

    Come Next xmas I will be in perth for about 5-6weeks and have my bike down in perth as well, care of a custom built bike trailer(no more transport companies for me). If anyone's interested, I be up for some drive chain stretching, breakpad wearing, motorcycle cop dragging, front wheel airing action, around that time.

    Anyway, keep the rubber side down and the shinny side up!



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    Hey Clancy, welcome to the forum mate! I attended Leifs funeral along with a number of the troops from here as well.

    I to know the hassles you get with red tape from the Defence force, still in the puss as we speak. When you're in town next, give us a yell and we'll all catch up.

    Be safe bro!


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      Welcome Clancy,

      Leif was a top bloke and very well respected in here.

      Please feel free to catch up when you down in Perth..

      Check your private message inbox.


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        G'day Clancy,

        Good to see that you have made it to the site!
        Catching up with you will be great and I will look forward to it. I've sent you a PM. By the way, can someone please certify Clancy? He was one of Leif's best mates.

        Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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          Welcome Dude ....

          Sorry u missed the Funeral ....
          Dale Britton MotorCycles: 5/115
          Albany Hwy, Vic Park, Ph: 9470-1234 ...

          Kim Britton Kawasaki: 91 Dixon Rd, Rockingham, Ph: 9592-1113 ...