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    Anyone know who does these courses? Would be great to know how to do basic maintenance such as replacing brakes, getting off the wheels, changing air filter, fuel filter, chain, sprokets, changing oil, removing the tank, etc, etc and maybe cleaning carbs?


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    tafe were doing a few basic m/c courses - check with them


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      or just start fiddling with your bike. Thats how I learnt about mine. Ofcourse some service manuals, magazines, technical websites and general chatter about bikes with like minded people will help too.
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        dnd you get another further info? I'd be interested in going myself

        just bought the manuals (well, got one, they were out of stock on the supplement, still waiting)


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          I'm with Xoom on this one.

          Bought RZ & a Haynes manual. Stripped bike completely. Rebuilt from ground up. Got it rego'ed.

          Haynes Manual=$50
          Assorted tooling, parts & consumables=$500
          Sense of achievement at getting a bike rego'ed singlehandedly=$priceless

          And I'm not a mechanics arsehole. Play with your bike, learn about it. Unless you're the sort of person that couldn't drill a straight hole in a wall, or change their own car tire. In that case, I dub thee, "Lame", ya shower-takin' trouser-wearer!
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            I'll agree with Xoom and Ferris.

            Just get in there and learn about your bike. I cheated in that I had my old man show me a few things a while back. The cibbie is pretty easy to work on too which is a bonus, but i think that goes for a lot of bikes. certainly prefer working on them compared to a cage.

            Just get ya hands dirty.
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              Nah i didnt get any info. I did fiddle with my bike though. Managed to clean my chain and lube it. Next 1000km I will change oil. What other maintence do I need to worry about?


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                well, you said that you were ging to change the oil. keep that up regularly depending on oil.
                other than that, keep an eye on the basics. brakes etc.....
                pads are nice and easy to change on these babies.
                pretty much keep an ear out for anything that sounds different, or feels different. then break it down from there.
                I had a vision of my reality once... then turned my back and walked away.


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                  And don't forget the age old mantra for any budding home mechanic:

                  "ya canna hand a man a grander hammer than a spanner"
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                    you guys ever tried to balance/tune 4 carbies without the propor equipment. its near enough to impossible! :?
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