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  • Age old story...

    Hi all!

    Just bought my new baby a few weeks ago. She's an absolute gem, but a few things about the experience are age old...but still really irritating.

    Basically, I was told a pack of creative stories about certain damaged parts of the bike, caused by her being dropped in an accident (which I did ask!!!). I asked all the right questions etc etc, made all the proper inquiries, but found out the truth following further inquiries AFTER I had got her.

    Although the damage is not too severe, and can be fixed, as a concept I suppose one has to exercise probably more caution than I did when dealing in the second hand market. It's probably stating the bleeding obvious (and possibly a bit cynical ), but take their comments and answers with a grain of salt. I bought her from a second hand dealer by the way...

    Anyhoo, that's my two cents worth!

    Stay safe!

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    1) Welcome to the forum.
    2) Very sorry to hear about your experiance.
    3) Coff up the gorey details about what happend?
    4) Who was the dealer?

    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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      That's no good, sorry to hear!

      Yeah we just gotta keep in mind it's human nature to plunder & pillage from others, it's been happening for thousands of years and that's how 95% of businesses work, they succeed by ripping people off until they gain the monopoly and can actually afford to provide a better service for less.. then they spend all those savings on employing people to tell them better ways to rip people off to increase profits..

      Either way they wanna sell that bike they baught for $6,000 to you for $11.500

      -edit- Ooooh and welcome to the forum.
      mmmmm sacrilicious


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        I was with descartes when he went to pick it up. i'll leave it to him if he wants to expose them.

        What really shits me is how they figure that they can lie right to our faces and think they'll get away with it. In such a small town and a small community. Bad news travels fast.


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          welcome to PSB,
          too bad about the deal, but the excitment of ones new set of wheels overides their ability to see the consequences of their actions.
          im the first to admit im a compulsive buyer...thats how i ended up riding an R1 for a while...hehehehe (awaits ear bashing)

          spill the beans on the deal, we all love a good finger poking :arrow:


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            Sorry to hear that dude.
            Seems to help if you know the guys at the shops - they're not as likely to do stuff like that... my experience anyway

            Seriously tho. If you've asked all the right questions and they've knowingly lied, is there any comeback on them? anyone :?:
            If only the young knew; If only the old could


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              Bummer dude.

              There'd have to be some type of recourse if the sale was essentially via deception......?

              When I was going thru the yards I'd ask them questions that I was already sure I knew the answer to, basically to see if they were dodgy or not.
              Maybe that's being a bit cunty but you gotta figured out who your giving your hard earned cash to.
              Then asked them real questions.

              For what's it worth I caught 3 blokes out, and two were from the same shop, which stopped me buying a bike there. (Small dealer).

              But I'm not knocking all of them, the feedback from the factory-shops was invaluable.


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                Welcome to the forum descartes, sorry to hear you got a raw deal.

                Fill in the details & dish the dirt on the dealer, alert us or someone else will get stung.

                Equito ergo sum


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                  Hi guys.
                  Im studying Management and Business Law at uni (Just did exam on Marketting/Advertising Law) and can tell you that there are remedies for this. If the salesmen has used deception, speak to a lawyer and try to seek the best remedyf or your situation. I'm not goin to go into all hte details, as my head is about to explode at the moment (I meant Literally just finished my exam, like 5 minutes ago)...
                  When your talking about substancial out laying of cash, dont let them get away with it.



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                    the lies in question were pretty serious imo.

                    "has it been dropped?"

                    "where did the scratch on the alternator come from?"
                    "my apprentice wiped a rag with paint thinner over it"

                    dont want to give away too much. descartes may have to confront them.

                    After that, im up for some boycotting.


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                      I've been fed some outright lies about second-hand bikes at a couple of dealerships in a certain group of motorbike shops, one where I knew the history of the bike (it once belonged to a friend) and the other where the salesguy would say something about the bike (eg: it's never been dropped.) and I would then point to the scrapes on the front brake lever, or "It doesn't have a battery in it at the moment" when I could actually see the (2) batteries sitting in the bike, right where they should be.

                      Neither of them knew me, and I had no time for either of them after that. On the other hand, I know some salesguys (and they know me), and I doubt they'd ever lie to me about a bike.

                      Actually, I got lied to by a car salesman a couple of weeks ago too. That wasn't as bad a lie as the bikes, though I've since found out some more info' that the car guy surely wouldn't admit without being pressured. I'm not buying that car or any other car from that dealer either.

                      You do have to be careful though.