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  • Vroom in Broome

    Hey everyone, how was the shitty weather on the weekend Anyone manage to go for a ride or is it all too cold and wet these days?

    I'm Still temporarily in Broome, due to return in August. There's the draw back of not having any decent twisty roads for a blat up here but, man the weather is almost as sensational as the women here.

    A friend & I had to take someone's VFR750 for a test ride on Sunday. The previous owner had put on an aftermarket pipe - minus 1/2 the baffle, making this is the richest throatiest most growling fucker of a bike I've ever heard. It goes to!!! Luckily we're not human catapult hoon types so obviously we were behaved on the clear empty straight roads on Roebuck Plain.

    The pint sized blonde is Shelley, can also be seen @

    edited \'cos it\'s all red \'x\'s - WTF
    edit again - finally figured it out

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    You need to link to the pic, not the page...

    :edited out pic - not needed now... 8)
    Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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      [quote]You need to link to the pic, not the page...

      Thanks Flakey