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    Just wondering if anyone knows the *approximate* prices of these bikes?
    03 Gixxer 750
    04 Gixxer 750 - $17.5k?
    03 Gixxer 1000
    03 R1
    03 954

    All the prices I seem to find are bloody american and that is no real indication.

    I'm also curious of people's experiences with riding the Gixxer 750s as I know a lot of people think they're a waste of time, yet others think they are great! One other thing, is I am also wondering about top speeds :twisted:

    Cheers in advance
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    An 02 750 is around $12,000 for something with about 24,000 kms and an aftermarket pipe.
    the yellow and black is an absolute stunner!!

    Don't think there is much of a difference between the 02 and 03 apart from paint. Never found a second hand 03 gix to play with The 04's look like fun tho!! :twisted:


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      03 GSXR750 = ?
      04 GSXR750 = 16,990 + ORC (approximately $500)
      03 GSXR1000 = 18,990 + ORC
      04 GSXR1000 = 18,990 + ORC
      03 R1 = ?
      04 R1= 18,990 (approximately) + ORC

      GSXR 750's are starting to take over the 1000 class. The bike weighs 163kg, and has 136 claimed BHP. Is also capable of 300km/h. :shock:

      The GSXR1000 still has the grunt straight from 1000rpm whereas the 750 you will still need the revs (5,000rpm on) to get it going, much like the 600 and the new ZX10 and CBR1000.

      hope this helps.
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        who thinks they're a waste of time?

        i like the 04 gixxers. Mainly because they feel comfortable to me. I find the other bikes to small or the tank gets in the way.

        the black/grey 750 is in my sights at the moment.


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          K1,2,3,4 Gixer Rock. No two ways about it.

          The Gix 750 is also a nice bike. Magenta Tiger could still do everything the K1,2,3 could.

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            A good place to check is, they list both new and used prices.

            I thought the GSX-R 750 was a good thing, a lot less revvy than a 600 and a lot more powerful than a 600. I rode an 02 for about a week, and apart from it being boringly Japanese () I loved it.


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              I'm loving my 750 did the freo carntstabulary when I got pulled over for a RBT, Licence and Vehicle check
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                Loads of info from registation and transfer details


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                  PM'ed you Chook, but to put my 2c in as an owner of a Gix 750, they are probably the best 2nd bike out there with heaps of learning potential in them. They are good for 270+ km/h, are very comfortable to ride, can be power wheelied without too much trouble and handle like they are on rails.

                  If I was you I'd look 2nd hand for your first big bike though.