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  • Lil 49cc Pocket Bikes

    I've been reading up on those lil 49cc pocket bikes that are a huge hit over east.

    THey come in all sorts of colour scheme and looks e.g. get a Ducati replica, Honda colour scheme replica's etc. They go for about $850 brand new but I see you can get a pretty cheap new one straight from the seller for around $450-$600 on Ebay and only $70 shipping.

    Would we need to register these little critters? I was just seeing as a lil muck around thing seeing as I have no licence for a while.

    Is there newhere in Perth that sells these? in case ya need parts etc??

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    Kawasaki Northside has them, just ask to speak with Big Gazza.

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      Re: Lil 49cc Pocket Bikes

      cheap new one straight from the seller for around $450-$600 on Ebay and only $70 shipping.
      The cheap ones on Ebay are Chinese made rip offs. The 'real deal' mini moto's are the GRC and Polini bikes which cost a lot more. Some as much as a couple of grand and there is no end of trick parts for them as well.

      They won't pass ADR compliance so obviously you don't have to register them and can't ride them on the road. Therefore no need for a licence either!

      I'll take one of each please!

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        Um guys, you can get them from far closer to home than that. Karen Keelan of Minimoto or Pocketmoto down in Bunbury sells them. They have theri own little organisation/track days etc... Well, I remember they used to. They've even had a stand at Big on Bikes a couple of years ago...

        Heres some background info on the things.
        you can also search for pcoketmoto pages and the like... I'm trying to dig up the aussie website for you. They USED to have one, but I'm going by memory, so when I find it, I'll post it.

        You're looking at like, $3400 (or so) for a 130kmh capable pocketbike.

        Just to clarify on the rego thing too, some pocket bikes fall under the 50cc engine capacity, and as such, CAN be ridden on the footpaths, with no penalties. (To my limited knowledge)
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          Found it:

          Bunbury based as I remembered.
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            Well these ones I'm looking at are by Oz Pocket Bikes in Melb's.

            They RRP at $849 at his shop coz he the import distrubtor of em. But if i can get a group I've heard something like $620 (shipped) isnt too far off.
            I dont wanna spend too much money on em thats why $600ish is perfect.

            These things go up to 80km/h, with mods can get up to 80km/h. I just see am as lil fun thing to have fun with the boys on ya know? Lil car park racing.


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              Yeah, the big different between the sub grand ones and the coupla gorilla ones is quite simple. The cheap ones have NO suspension. You bin it fucken easy just going over tiny little bumps. But having said that, I'd still get one too. All part of the fun really. I'd like to get one, then we can all play "mini-road-rash" somewhere, elbows flying, forced dismounts, that kinda thing. It would be a hoot.
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                causeway motorcycles(9470 1234) has shit but you get what you pay for ,around $650.for that price you can buy one and use it as an ornament seen as though they to small to ride.


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                  You're looking at like, $3400 (or so) for a 130kmh capable pocketbike.
                  130 on one of those little things?!?! :shock: Sweet tapdancing Christ.


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                    there is also a place out at one of the markets... gosnels (spelling) i think. But they are the chinese copys and they go for 990 or so. a mate bought one, and so far he's had no problems... would be cool to have... much cheaper to go to the back shops for a coke...
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                      :idea: The mischief i could get up too on one of these things is endless :twisted: :twisted: bring it ... wherez my wallet


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                        Or you could get an electric one :-) Much cheaper and less road rash


                        Plenty of 'em floating around up here.
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                          Watch this space.
                          I am actually wheeling and dealing at the moment with a contact and should have some info shortly.
                          I can get pocket bikes exact same models as those in Kneedowns pic for $500 each, brand new... just add 2 stroke fuel.
                          Just finalising some details and will let you all know.
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                            Shit yeah I want one.

                            Carpark GP races on the weekend :twisted:


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                              Pocket racing is very big in Europe 8) Heaps of fun.