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Problems With SWANN Insurance

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  • Problems With SWANN Insurance

    Since my accident only been getting the run around from SWANN, like can not start reapirs till the Police report is in, I even offered to pay the excess up front but they were not interested, When I said I wanted to make a formal compliant to the obudsman about it, SWANN Insurance said I should put it in writing to there complaints department, I said no I wanted the Obudsmans phone number as 9 weeks is long enough for them to start repairs, when the Lady returned from being on hold I was told that the repairs would be authorized today, howeer if the police report was not back by the time the bike was ready I would have to pay the excess, and if I am found not to be at fault I would have my excess refunded,

    While the girl who took my call was nice the process that SWANN uses is surely crap.

    I thought Fully comp, meant that, not after we get the police report,

    Has anyone ever been late with a repayment, do they kick up a fuss then, but when it is there turn to pay out, they are quite happy to wait.

    Anyone else had this problem before, or is it just my circumstances being on a 2004 R1

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    Swann have knobs on them. I had the run around too when my bike was stolen... EVEN AFTER the police charged someone with stealing my bike I was given the run around even more.
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      2 Words

      (Insurance company)

      They insure us to make money not because they like us. Bring money in fast and pay out slow are standard business practice for just about any business.


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        Hmm... having second thoughts on insurance renewal now...
        Bad enough premium's gone up to the point where although it should have dropped substantially this year, I'm paying the same as last year...
        So aside from WQBE, who else insures bikes :?: (Without charging hugely excessive amounts that is)
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          Sorry guys, but i had no problems what so ever with Swan. i came off at the begining of april. Six weeks later i had the cheque in my hand and now drive a cage... :oops:


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            Like Mazda I too had no problems with Swann. Well, non that you would not normally expect from an insurance company when you are asking them to pay you some money.

            When I acquired the new bike a few weeks ago, I got a quote from Swann and they quoted an obscene amount of money because they did not want the business – being one of the fast five. I then got a quote from QBE and it was ONE THIRD of the price of Swann.

            Just today I was insuring my new new acquisition (Vinny Snr) and the dealer pulled out the Swann Insurance book. I said “no freekn way I am givin them business”, got on the phone to QBE and got a cover note. After I did the dealer asked why I was anti Swann and I advised him that Swann are happy to insure a 20hp Scooter but not a 175hp Superbike. Fuck that. They can take the good with the bad or get outa town as far as I’m concerned.

            Anyway, kinda off topic, sorry….. I can feel your frustration, they can be a pain to deal with. All I can suggest is put everything in writing, mark date, time and full name of all conversations and remember you are the customer. They will then see that you are a serous player and tend not to take advantage of you. If they say it will take ‘X’ days to so something then smack on ‘X’ days phone them and ask them if it is done and if it aint, why note. If they can see that you are going to tolerate their bullshit and delays they will milk it for what its worth if they can see that you are guna be a pain in the arse and create problems for them, they are more likely to get your file finished and off their desk.

            I played everything hardball and got a full loss stolen bike payout in 49 days from theft to cheque.

            If they do not do things in an efficient manner, with your paper trail you can make all the complains you can, Ombudsman, Directors of the Company (through ASIC search), shareholders of their company, media, just make it hard for them and registered mail to their home address and they soon get the idea.

            Hope this is some help.


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              or you could always go to Today Tonight....
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                Ask for Kelly in claims...she's good and doesn't give you the run around..........sayin that i'm STILL waiting for them to fix the house AFTER 7 MONTHS


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                  *points up* HEHEHEH
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                    I went through swann in the days that I could get insurance :shock: :roll: and although I made no claims and had a 60% no claim bonus they wouldn't insure me after my "reckless" charge which was my first serious offense other then a 20-30kms over limit charge.

                    I haven't bothered with insurance since. I figure that saving the $1500 odd a year is better insurance, and as long as the bike dosen't get stolen you can easily build up a kitty even for the most major accidents.

                    Deej - start a PSB insurance company We all pay into a kitty offset by our lap times at waneroo and length of stand up monos .. ... do the equivalent of what Bendigo bank did to the banks... meh yes dreams are good :twisted:
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                      I've have a mate (96 BBird) who's had quotes off QBE a third less than Swann. But my quote off QBE was only $10PA cheaper than Swann . . . . ok my bike is brand new but i'm over thirty with 55NCB and he's under 30 . . . . go figuire.


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                        Ahhhh..... It's been a long time since I was here (some will know what i'm talking about) . I have to agree with Maz and Deej I also had no problems what so ever in getting my $$ after I completely trashed my 03 R1, not to mention including myslef. I hope all are well and I'll try come to the forum a little more often till then take care people.


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                          I've had no problems with Swann. I have made two claims with Swann in 8 years.
                          One of my claims was 1 day after signing contract, and they had not even received a copy yet :oops: (purchased bike Saturday - trashed it Sunday on a country run). Second claim my bike was run over in a car park, they payed me out within 8 weeks 8)

                          Oh by the way good to see ya on the forum Aza 8)


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                            *points up* Hey Big Fella good to c u back here.

                            Yeah when I come off the SP over 12 months ago Swann dicked me around for 2 months before my bike got fixed. Really pissed me off and stalled trying to say I had been drinking (just because I worked at a liquor store and it happened as I was leaving work doesnt mean I was drinking).

                            Anyway, when my premium came round again it was huge and so told them to shove it and got a quote of Western QBE that was a third cheaper and they had no problems with it at all.

                            Could be worth a look.
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                              I've have a mate (96 BBird) who's had quotes off QBE a third less than Swann. But my quote off QBE was only $10PA cheaper than Swann . . . . ok my bike is brand new but i'm over thirty with 55NCB and he's under 30 . . . . go figuire.
                              Seems if under 30, QBE is the way to go, but if over, they're about on par. Was surprised to find premium gone up over $100 tho for this yr :shock: ... a nasty little surprise I coulda done without
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