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  • Philip Island Moto GP

    For those who lurv the Moto GP and are keen on going when it comes to Australia you should have already got you sh*t sorted but if you have some time and cash on your hands then check this out:

    Its Bayliss Time
    1, Always look good
    2, Always know what you're doing
    3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one

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    i didn't realise the accommodation was so expensive. just means that coz we've got a friend who lives on the island i get to spend my money on more important grog.


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      Ah yes my son, but in the VIP club grog is.........FREE woo hoo

      We booked our tix the other day Jarrid so hold onto ya skirt cause it could be a big weekend
      Quote: "What do i like about the GP?......The Crumpet I S&#39;pose" <span style="font-family:Times">The Late Barry Sheene &#39;01</span>