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Cheap Oil Filter?

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  • Cheap Oil Filter?

    Any ideas on where to get a cheap oil filter for a ZXR750?

    Most bike shops ive been to (wont mention them) want $20ish

    I dont know bout you but considering its smaller than a car one and u only pay $8 for a car one i dont think this is a reasonable price.

    Do any aftermarket companies make oil filters for bikes (Ryco etc) or do i have to go a genuine one?

    I know it seems like im whinging a bit but i just dont like paying too much for something. For instance having to pay $99 for a genuine air filter (which is practically $2 worth of foam) because K & N dont make one is not a nice experience.

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    stop winging it's the price you pay for riding bikes :roll:

    You'd probably find the filter on a bike is about 50 time more efficient than a cage because it has to filter all the gearbox oil aswell as just the engine as in a cage.

    I'd $20 ain't too bad....


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      No real offence intended here, RRR1, but you sound tighter than a duck's arsehole, and they're watertight.

      Work Buy Consume Die


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        what about $75 for a radiator cap :shock:
        bought one for $10 at a servo
        No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.