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V-max replacement

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  • V-max replacement

    Does'nt say a great deal about it but whoes counting.

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    Yeah, I got wind of that thing too today.

    Why would anyone name a bike, "Empty one"?

    Unless they refer to the measley 2 gallon (8 or so litre?) fuel tank. You'd be perpetually empty with that thing.

    Do a google for "Yamaha MT-01" if anyone would like further info.

    Interesting thing to note is the exhaust is actually the rear subframe, to some major extent. Yamaha's design philosophy with this thing is: "An engine with 2 wheels"

    They shoehorned the VTX 1600cc engine into a TZ250 frame. Talk about nuts.
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      Re MT-01

      The new prototype MT-01 is definitely different. as for being the new Vmax, I don't think so. The 2005 V max is already happening and is destined to continue for a while. The MT-03 is actually the bike Yamaha are pushing and it looks a little tamer than the 3 year old MT-01. The MT seems to be more competition for the Buelle and Duc Monster etc. The Vmax tends to be muscle cruiser rather than a cafe racer and even the 20 year old version Vmax has about 50Hp more than the MT-03. I may be a bit partial towards the Vmax as I own one and wouldn't trade it for the world so I hope I don't offend anyone.

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