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masterbike 2004 600cc and 1000cc

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  • masterbike 2004 600cc and 1000cc

    hot of the press (well from mcnews) the 2004 master bike in the 600 class goes to the [SIZE=2]kawasaki zx636r....
    as well as taking out the 1000 class with the kawasaki zx10r
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    ph ralph or helen on 93623266</span>

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    1, Always look good
    2, Always know what you&#39;re doing
    3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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      ZX10R would look better in green


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        I didnt think that the 636 was a 600, Maybe the GSXR 750 should win the 600 class!

        Having said that the 636 is an awesome machine!
        I am the old bloke on the black and yellow cbr1krr


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          And you know what? No matter how awesome the kwaka is now, I find it too ugly for me to ever want one. It's a shame, things like that ai?

          Having read lots of reviews, I'm still sold on the idea of the R1. It looks the business, a million times over any of the other 2004 bikes.

          Sure there are better bikes, but I'm not a racer, never seen tracktime, so I'm never going to use any of those bikes to their full potential. R1 it is.

          All these are my opinions, I'm quite happy to agree to disagree on the Kwaka's new looks. If you like it, great, go buy one. I'm sure its a lovely bike. I'll go as far as not caring about the colour of a bike, but the actual looks are pretty important to me (now that I can afford something that doesn't looks like a dogs left bollock)

          Sure that may sound a bit "poseur"(is that even a word?) But that the way I, and I'm sure a lot of other people, feel.

          /end early morning dribble..... nnnnnnnnnNOW!
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            sorry but i do work for a kawasaki shop so i might be a little biased, but please more mags are raving about the zx10r then the one's that arent.

            but it all comes down to which bike gives you the biggest smile when you hope off, why would you buy something that doesnt make you smile, thats what sports bikes are all about "THE SMILE FACTOR" and lucky for us the kawasaki zx10r does this best.

            well each to there own at the end of the day but its great to see KAWASAKI putting out some great sports bikes even if they are a little mental
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            ph ralph or helen on 93623266</span>


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              Yeah, don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that kwaka have re-entered the fray with a bike to be envied by all others. It's been a while.

              I think I should clarify what I meant. I'm not bagging the kwaka ZX-10R. I'm quite sure its an absolute blast to ride. But I don't like the look of it one bit. Not a smidgeon.

              When I said I'm sure lots of others feel this way, I didn't mean that the majority were against it. In fact all I really meant was just my point, but replace the word "kwaka" with any of the others. I'm sure lots of people like their bikes for its look, and find other brands to be ugly. In my case, its the kwaka.

              Hell, I'm sure theres a shit tin of people out there that find my Buell (or ALL Buells for that matter) ugly as sin. And I'm fine with that. What matters to me is that *I* like it. (*mumble* could do with an extra gear and 50 more horsepower tho)
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                yeah ferris, like me, i like the looks of buells, and some people think my TLR aint too pretty, but i love the ZX-10R, and the R1, but i really dislike the CBR1000RR (with a passion....)

                each to his own though

                Go the ZX-10R


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                  The 10R gives me a huge grin. :mrgreen:


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                    hmmm smile factor *looks at ZX-10R* *looks at GSX-R* *goes back and forth* *hops on the GiXXeR* sorry boys hands down on this one for me
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                      Now now lads, you know that beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.. :/

                      Grats have to go to Kwakas and they look cute, too bad at my height they would be too small for a day to day bike
                      Will you insure me?!