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Has the suspension licencing centre stuffed up? Melkor?

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  • Has the suspension licencing centre stuffed up? Melkor?

    Out of curiosity i decided to check up on the suspension of my licence just to confirm when my suspension would end. I rang the demerit pt line and to my surprise it made no mention of my suspension but say i had incurred 1 pt.

    So i rang the licensing centre to confirm the end of my suspension. It should end the 23 August 2005, but the girl confirmed the it ended on the 23 Feb 2005.

    Coz in my court case i received a 9 month suspension and 6 month cumulative...have they stuffed up?? The girl said if i received them in one case then they total it and add it on.

    They stuffed up my monetary fine too...was suppose to be $1369 but i paid in instalments and ended up being $1269!

    I'm fairly confident they fucked up coz by accident couple of my charges went to fines enforcement when it shouldnt have and this coulda stuffed up my suspension period? Or could it be that i have to serve my other 6 months straight after the 9 months is uP?? Im requesting a letter of confirmation that its 23 feb...woohoo if i jipped it

    Melkor u'd prolly be able to answer this for me mate

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    Urm prob not the best forum to post this if you have :/ ?
    Good luck anyhow!
    Will you insure me?!


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      looks like you got concurrent rather than cumulitive.

      I'd shut my mouth and start DRIVING again next Feb.

      The riding i'd leave a little longer so that you're sure you wont do it again


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        wanna delete this post for me??