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MDH Tuning light on for work

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  • MDH Tuning light on for work

    Mark asked me to pass on that, he a bit quiet on the work front at the mo and if anybody wants any work done nows a good time .

    MDH tuning 9361 2800

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    Does he take IOU's
    You put the c*nt in country run


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      swann insurance seem to think he does :roll:


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        I went and saw Mark yesterday.

        Was only dropping in to get a few ballpark prices and ended up there for nearly 30min going over the bike with Mark outlining what he thought should be looked at etc. Was impressed with the service.
        Nothing against the major shops, but the sum total of the feedback to date has been a parts invoice and credit card stub.

        I like the idea of getting feedback on the work that was done rather then the quick run in - run out style.
        Will book it in for the next service and see what I get for my $'s.


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          Definately going to have to give him a call I think 8)
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            I have just ordered braided lines through Mark and will get them fitted as soon as they come in. $260 for front and rear plus 1 hour fitting and some fluid.
            I am the old bloke on the black and yellow cbr1krr


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              got braided lines fitted to my bike - first time ive done so and yeah seems to make a reasonable difference = maybe those with the latest radial brakes the diff might be less noticable - but for a older bike - good mod


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                Just a tip for guys getting braided lines, if you're going to go the expense of getting braided lines then i'd also put in the effort to set up the front susspension correctly, there is no point having great stopping power if your susspension is shit. Most japanese bikes are undersprung in the front(damm 50kg jap riders) so along with braided lines i'd also look at fork springs that are better suited to your individual weight, you'll be surprised at the difference it makes to your braking, and once you've set it up right , you'll do it on every new bike you own.

                speak to someone like Mark De Has at MDH or Russell at Dynotime, they are the two guys who seem to know a fair bit about susspension set up in Perth