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    G'Day there fella's
    Just to let ya all know that I am a serving Police Officer who regulary rides with you guys on sundays (meeting at the usual coastal Kebab enriched corner of Perth), I ride totally undetected by you all and for obvious reasons do not disclose my occupation!
    Whilst on duty back at the station we have lots of time on our hands (or trotters as most of you think) to use the various databases and mostly internet.. You guys do make it easy for some of my "NAZI" collegues to gain information and evidence about yourselves!
    Also whilst on duty in cars (i usually ride bikes) i have witnessed lots of you guys doing your various tricks and stunts and have even witnessed "SHOXER" on his blade doing (attempting) his little mono's on suburban streets. I turn a blind eye but on one occasion whilst patrolling with a NAZI we spottted one of his attempts and my collegue cracked up laughing at such a feeble attempt choosing to let him go due to feeling sorry for him!
    Although personally i let everybody go and i think the 3rd gear stand ups performed by "deej" are awesome but i wonder could he do one on my ST1100???

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    Same post from the other topic area? :shock:


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      Yeh, but prolly a good idea to make it a topic by itself cause it wasn't too related to where it was before.. although half the reply's aren't relevant.. speaking of which.. how are those Eagles.. doing rather well and so are the Docker Shockers.

      Welcome to the forum anyways traffic.. as I said before.. sounds like you're a decent bloke so it's good to have you here
      Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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        Welcome Traffic!


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          nice avatar/s nomad
          a different one everytime i see it.


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            Is it that obivous? hahaha


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              G'day, and as the other lads have said its good to see that theres few 'regular' blokes on the Police force.

              And Damon, yes it is that obvious!
              In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again.


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                hey traffic , as far as i'm concerned i don't give a [email protected]#k what you do during the day so i'm happy to have the boys in blue looking at the site or ridding with us !! (off duty of course) as long as you enjoy ridding and having fun with the boys is all that matters !! the important question is can you get the front wheel of the ST1100 up !!!!, how much would that spin out a guy on a blade gixxer or R1 , to see an ST1100 wheelstanding past you !!! Sweeeet


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                  So let me get this right:

                  1) Your a coppa?
                  2) Your also a Hog Riding Bikie who dislikes streetsigns? (
                  3) You study at ECU?

                  Your a busy guy!

                  Pick an account - traffic01717 or roadkill102 or one of the other 7 your have registered cos you cant have them all, and really......... we'd all rather you just tell the truth or don’t use the forum.

                  PS: They are second gear standups.....not third.


                  So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                    hahah, good work Deej,
                    I take it that this guy is posting from ECU IP range.

                    we have few guys working at ECU IT dept in this forum, shouldn't be too hard for them to track this guy..


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                      hehehehe nice one mate!!

                      Can he say "OWNZED"!!!


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                        traffic signing off duty

                        sorry boys only having a laugh on a shitty rainy sunday!
                        and the superbikes not making it any brighter!!
                        No harm done
                        And the parking sign cracks me up every time i see it!!
                        but what is "OWNZED"


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                          Heheheh, Cut his fucking head awwf...
                          I was raised on the Dairy....Bitch


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                            I fail to see the funny side of someone pretending to be something their not! but hey that maybe just me...
                            "Did you ever blow bubbles as a kid? Well he's back in town and wants your number"


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                              There was some serious backpedalling...
                              Before you criticise someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticise them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.