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    My mate told me about you guys and so I had to check out the site and I have to say it rocks... mad stuntz too btw.

    Anywho I was wondering if I could get some advice on bike setup? I ride a '01 GSXR600 and on Sat me and a couple friends did a ride from Perth to Northam, one on a duc 900 monster and the other on a '99 Fireblade. Now what bugged me was that their bikes handled the bumps in the road really well while mine was bouncing all over the place and sliding out a couple times. So by the time we were heading back from Northam I was feeling very unsure on my bike until about Mundaring. So I'm wondering if this is a case of the bike misbehaving like that because it's heaps lighter than the other 2 or should i look at tightening/loosening my suspension up? The kinda speeds were up there around 120-160 on some corners and that's where things were tricky for me. The tye is a bit of contributing factor as its low but that cant be the whole story.
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    hey oinks !! good to have you on the forum !! the 01 gsxr600 should have no problems at all staying with and beating both the duke and the blade !! as long as the straights weren't to long !! it should handle better than both of them !! firstly the tyres could be a problem , but i doubt that it's everything , check the tyre preasure and also check the wear ?? out of interest what tyres are you running ?? if you bought the bike second hand you might want to make sure some numpty hasn't put a hard compound tyre on the bike !! any drama with tyres i'd go and see pete at causeway honda. What i think you'll find is the problem is your suspension is all f#@ked up , how heavy are you ?? and have you messed around with your suspension at all , to get good advice on suspension(cause i'm no expert) then i recomend to see russel at dynotime out at wangara . he knows his shit with setting bikes up for the individual. if that all fails and you're still having dramas then buy a honda !!!!


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      Checked the tyre pressure before the ride, (and yeah the straights were where i always caught them up, that was fun). The tyre im running is the bridgstone BT010. When i bought the bike 4 months ago i was told the suspension was still set to factory settings. I only weigh around 70kg. But I do deal with causeway Honda and everything goes through them,
      except buying a decent bike

      Tyres gonna get changed and Ill ask about the compound.

      How much would it cost to go to dynotune to get the bike setup?
      Red meat isn't bad for you. Fuzzy green meat is bad for you.