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    hi everyone i am new to the site, and new to riding, fell in love with the buzz. i have recently passed my 250 class test but am interested to know if anywhere in perth does some sort of advanced training other than the basics you need to pass the test. any advice would be great cheers

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    Gday dude and welcome to PSB ..

    i would just ride with the guys for a while and pick their brain on what to do and what not to do .. there is a lot of experience in the group.
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      what come along for the ride day type things, sunday are they at scarborough.


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        Watch the 'In The Loop' thread.

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            I see you are using a friends zx2 .. are you going to get a bike of your own soon?

            There is lots of experiance here as Hewie said, and never be afraid to ask people all those silly questions, like what line to take round a corner. Hell I do and I've been riding 18 months or so. Don't ever worry about getting left behind either, people will wait for you at the corners.

            Always good to see new faces and have some company at the back of the pack!


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              Alert do an advanced training course, a full day one on saturdays, not sure how often they do it. i'm planning to do it during summer. they do some theory in morning, then go to Big Track (go-karts) in bayswater for some beginner track riding with instructors. then it's a cruise up to toodyay, lunch provided there, then ride back thru some twisties.

              it's about $85-100 from memory. i'll ask on monday at my next lesson.



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                maybe planin tonget friends zx2 if all pans out well. thanks for the advice will try to get along to the rides. cheers for info about alert. look into it.


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                  John green runs some excellent beginner braking and cornering courses at baragello. however i hear he may not be running them this year.

                  I do hear that Wally Richards from Smart Rider will be running the same type course later on this year. This would be a good course to get yourself booked into.

                  MCRC run race craft courses for beginners but they mainly focus on how to go fast around the race track and dont really cater for street riding.

                  Other than that just come out riding ask questions and watch how others ride. u'll pick it up fairly soon.

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