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Help: Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment.. / K1 service man

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  • Help: Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment.. / K1 service man

    Hey gusy & gals,
    Can anyone tell me how to adjust the TPS on a K1 Gixxer thou or have a service manual? Mine needs adjusting and I just keep copping bad weather so I never get a chance to take it to a mechanic...

    I have a service manual but I left the friggin thing at work, I know it explains it in that.. has anyone got a K1/K2 service manual PDF?
    I'm desperate as I have a few things on morrow & I don't want to foul up my poor plugs again..

    If you have a PDF just email to [email protected] ...
    I'll owe ya a beer or three (wine shampers for the ladies )

    I do recall from the Service manual that the TPS is on the 4th throttle body and is basically just a screw that you adjust when the bike idles at 1150rpm. But i can afford to f**k it again

    Will you insure me?!

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    Don't worry.. I decided to take a peek and it prooved to be much easier then I thought. I managed to adjust it to center, only time will tell if it screws up again.. a short squirt and the FI stayed away although she seems to be running a little rich still..... sigh :/
    Will you insure me?!