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Alarms - Autowatch 500Lri

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  • Alarms - Autowatch 500Lri

    I have seen a couple of these Autowatch 500lri alarms around, have been quoted $350 fitted, which is sweet fuck all really, they dont have a pager, but do have a 125 decibel alarm and an immobiliser. I believe they have a "dook-dook" but also have automatic arming.

    Anyone seen them? used them? what do people reckon? I want one as a stop gap until i can afford a bike bandit. ($2000 is a fuckload of dosharooni!)

    Cheers all
    The Twitter

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    $2000 is not the price for the BikeBandit. Where did you get that price from?
    If you can... you MUST!


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      Unless a bike alarm has a pager, I personally would not waste the mullah.

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