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Coupla pics.

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  • Coupla pics.

    Just a couple of pics I got emails from government employees who have nothing better to do with their working day.

    HONDA! F#@ YER!

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    I've seen that second one before. A 16yr old guy finished highschool, got a brand new CBR F4 'cause his car wasn't fast enough. He had it for about two weeks and T-boned that Lincoln.
    He had been doing around 100mph in a 25mph zone, outside a school.

    There's a whole series of photo's of the scene. I still can't get over the fact that the bike is stuck in (and hanging from) the Lincoln the way it is.

    Yes, the rider died.


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      the first one is a guy on a blade in saudi arabia i think.... saw it in a superbike or something years ago


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        Faarrrk :shock:

        Reminds me of the bike crash on South Street out side Mcdonalds, were two bike were dragging up the hill and a car pulled out, the inpact rolled the car, I could not get over what I was looking at :oops:


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          Hey that guy on the Blade is an Aussie, I remember seeing that in Street Machine magazine years ago.

          I remember that accident on south street too, those guys had just left the big on bikes show and caned it up south street, went straight into the car like a harpoon


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            nice to see some people can stuff around on the net during work .... wish i could ...
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              I thought the first pic was from a Ralph, remember seeing that article in there (Just one of the mags my oldest bro used to buy just to see boobies :oops: ).

              The guy is riding down a highway in UAE wasnt it Bulbous? Or has it really just been about 6 years since I was packing fruit for little pay, with nothing but dogeared Ralph mags to see what the outside world looked like??
              Nitrous is like a hot girl with STD's, you know you wanna hit it, but you are afraid of the consequences!


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                UAE, Saudi, some towel-head country or other where the women are hidden away.....


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                  there is nothing wrong with buying books to familiarise ones self with the ever changing facets of boobies and just to appreciate the ones you hold you have to compare them to something.
                  A site all parents should check regulary



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                    You are assuming that my oldest brother actually got his hands on boobies that he didn't have to pay by the hour for
                    Nitrous is like a hot girl with STD's, you know you wanna hit it, but you are afraid of the consequences!


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                      BWAHAHAHAHA...... that would be soooo funnny if he weren't related to me.... :shock: