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Newb saying g'day

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  • Newb saying g'day

    Hi all, just wanted to say g'day - I'm not just lurking. I've picked up a lot of great info tho.

    Just learning to ride now, about to buy my first bike and gear etc. Going for the vtr 250 I think.

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    Welcome Gouom .. Enjoy ur stay
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      Welcome Gouom, great bunch of people around here (from what I hear till I get to meet more myself :-) )..........goodluck with your bike purchase


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        Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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          how have you found the VTR250? have you ridden one yet or just been looking? i was interested in them, one of the decent naked 250cc's around, but the lack of a tacho on anything but a 2003+ model kinda sucked bigtime.

          any comments on how they ride and performance would be appreciated.



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            welcome to da forum man.. hope to see you out and about
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              welcome gouom

              want a great first bike idea, check in the general forum for a topic "mini bikes"
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                Welcome to the fun!

                Good luck with the lessons. Have you booked your test yet??


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                  Welcome to the zoo!
                  If you can... you MUST!


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                      Welcome Dude, If your interested in the VTR there is a guy at my work selling one. Not sure about the $$$ but it's a 2001 with about 10,000ks i think.

                      I will find more if your interested. ( I thinks it goes into the Quoaka this week )


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                        happy shopping, dont forget to support the dealers that support perth street bikes, tell em PSB sent ya

                        big it up 8)


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                          Welcome to the wonderful world of riding! Will be able to take advantage of all the good weather that is heading our way this summer. enjoy
                          Wannabe Racer Girl


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                            who ya doing your lessons with Gouom? and where abouts are they/you based?
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                              Hey Gouom, welcome to the bike fraternity

                              Take every chance you can to ride off-road bikes during the early years, beg, borrow or otherwise - best place to develop your basic skills and have a heap of fun doing it...

                              Sprint 8)
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