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  • Anyone know....

    What the address(es) is/are for WA motocross forums???

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    Came across this tonight:

    There's a link to 10 of them, dunno whats one's are WA but this might be a place to start.

    If the link doesn't work.

    Also maybe:


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      There are a heap of guys in Perth that i ride with every now and again (well actually I have only ridden with them once ) that really are an awesome lot to get along with.

      They ride pretty much every weekend at the Pines, and generally have runs through lancelin and the pinnacles, as well as compete in Enduro's etc. All bikes are catered for, full MXers to Enduros.

      If ur a novice, or skilled im sure ur welcome, pretty much anyone is...

      Heres the website (they are based out of Quinns Rock):

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