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*** HELP *** Bike won't start, oh am I in the shit now!

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  • *** HELP *** Bike won't start, oh am I in the shit now!

    Hey guys, I got the SP-1, haven't been out on her all week, supposed to be back at work 30 minnutes ago after my month off and she's just died.


    The battery sounds fine, she'll light up but when I kick her over, I get this clicking sounds coming from under the seat. Then she dies....

    Anyone help? I'd really appreciate it, I'm seriously losing it here and I'm gonna get in the shit in a huge way here!!!!!

    Cheers guys.

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    Hey Campo How can a battery sound fine?
    Last time i listenend to a fine battery, it didnt say anything.
    There is obviously enoungh power to light up your instrument pannel
    but it takes more than 10 times the power to kick a high compression sports bike over in the first place so my guess is that it's yur Batttery as they hate not being aabused during winter on a regular
    When u said "Then she dies.... " Im assuming its not the motor rather instument panel instead. Could alco be the conections to the battery r corroded or not tight enough
    If that doesnt help then your looking at starter solenoid if she doesnt evenm start and keeps klicking. With all electrical probs its usually a case oif elimination - Star with the simple and work back


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      My fzr 600 has the same problem if its not the battery which it prolly is it could be the regulator rectifer that charges the battery obviously its not charging the battery

      But id say thats what it is one or the other hope you get her going
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        Cheers guys, I've got the battery on charge, I've seriously gotta get to work though, I'm hoping that once she starts (if at all) that she'll kick over this afternoon as well.


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          that happens on my bike if i try to start it with a gear engaged.
          but i suppose you checked all that stuff already...


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            You wanting a battery :cry:


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              Yeah Campo i just sounds like the battery is either stuff or needs a decent charge. If that is the case make sure all your visible connection to the battery are good .

              The clicking from the bike would have been the solendoid trying engage the starter but the battery wouldnt give enough amps....

              Let us know how you go with it...

              Good Luck


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                Yup guys was battery, all charged but gonna need to get a new one pretty soon. Damn batteries!!


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                  Yep, tell me about it... I have been push starting my bike since Friday arvo to get to work etc. Battery. And it's not a little bike either...
                  Must be quite a site to see a guy in full git and backpack on running alongside a bike in the rain
                  Oh well


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                    Push starting big bikes , mmmm nasty.
                    bastard if you loose yer balance and drop it !!

                    Buying a new battery is a much safer option....


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                      ....fuk push starting a V-Twin. Not somthing I would enjoy. mmmmmm compressssssion.

                      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)