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  • Imported bike compliance

    Anyone know a agent approved under the new RAWS scheme that can approce compliance on a bike from the UK?. Ive been trying to locate one as they have Benelli Tornado RS bikes in the UK ex demo from $17,700.00 Aussie !!!! :shock: and their UK spec is exactly the same as the aussie spec market ones, you just have to press a button on the electronic display to chane from MPH to KPH. I found one called AC (allan Chapman) Consulting, but he isnt prepared to as he does work from the official aussie Benelli importers and doesnt want to piss them off. I have permission to import one ,just got to find a approved engineer to say it does meet aussie ADR's 8)

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    I tried doing this, I was going to import an Aprilia RSV which you can buy in Europe about $7000 cheaper than you can buy them here for.

    We get ripped off big time on bike pricing when you compare our pricing to the US and some European countries.

    Anyway to cut a long story short don’t bother. The importers have got it all tied up, all the official raws inspectors work for the importers so they will not do work for an individual. It is incredible as the bike that is “officially” brought in is exactly the same as the one you buy from any dealer in Europe, less the compliance plate. They do not have any dedicated production line for our bike’s as we are so special!

    Basically it is a rip off which protects the importers (there are no bike manufacturers in Australia to protect) and unless you can get the government to change the laws you are stuffed!
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      along the same lines, but does anyone know about the rules if you have a british passport, and buy something from the UK, can you import it as you own it and have dual citizenship?? i know you can after a year or something, just wondering if you could do it straight away?? if anyone can set this straight, it would be great.....

      yeah the european bikes are sooooo much cheaper in comparison over there..... so are the european cars.... secondhand lamborghini diablo's for 60k pounds :shock: i was sooooo tempted to get a loan.... they were only like two and a half times more than a ford focus or something like that :shock:


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        From memory bikes have got to be over 15 years old before you can import them.

        i think that cars might be similar due to compliance issues.

        You can bring a car in if you have worked overseas for 5 years or so, passport has nothing to do with it.
        I am the old bloke on the black and yellow cbr1krr