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    Hi all, been trying and trying and obviously I have very
    small balls or none at all!
    Have a 97 GSXR600 and cant get the front end up much at all.
    Just finished watching a show on Fuel (Foxtel) of this guy
    on a how to wheelie, and the bloke that has "never wheelied
    before" did it third go. Do I really need to flog-the-dead-horse
    to get the bastard up? What sort of rev's is required when slipping
    the clutch? 6000, 8000, 10000?

    I'd love to go for a ride on a weekend but few seem to be
    organised at the mo.


    Oh and my previous post on where to go to learn how to...
    thanks for all the helpful responses
    Wassup all???

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    Dont be in a rush to throw your bike and yourself down the road... I know its hard... but be patient...

    Keep doing shitty wheelies for a long time... eventually you'll progress further and further...

    Oh and hopefully you'll stay upright that way too...
    If you can... you MUST!


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      Yeah what Klinky said.

      I can bust little arse wheelies on my 600RR also. but i can get it up pretty easy. i dont use the clutch i get to about 60-70 km/hr in 1st gear then blip the throttle on a tad roll off then grab a fistfull as the front forks are comming back up. be warned it throws its head skyward on a honda with the extra torque the gixxer 6 has u might find urself on ur back.

      alls i gota do know is learn balance and train my asshole not to suction to the seat.

      I'm the noob you all pwn!


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        I cant do wheelies but i'v been told that if you just take it easy, get used to a few power wheelies first, riding 1st gear out and then shit yourself one inch higher at a time, it is the way to do it.

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          practice on dirt bikes, push bikes or even scooters, to get fimiliar with the riding position and feeling. (plus its cheaper if, i mean when, you flip it) Saw this guy at scabs yesterday on a scooter doing a mono from the bike park all the way past macca's between cars it was insane 8). Ive still got my wheelie L plates


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            I cant do wheelies.
            yeah, he can't do wheelies.
            Ideal Soccer Team


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              first gear: clutch at about 5,000rpm then up she comes.

              second gear: clutch at about 8,000rpm with a bounce and up she comes.

              you can also just do it from a slow roll, but beware of the wobbles.

              and do not come cpomplaining to me about the back end and side of your bike being smashed in, along with your broken leg if you make a mistake. :shock:

              I have the same bike and once up on one have clicked through to 5th gear... 8)
              ...and on the seventh day God said "Let there be light!", and Chuck Norris said "say please!"


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                Heh I saw I saw that show as well.. Not bad for a foxtel stunt show.. Still a ways from LVX etc but hey ... next week they teach you how to spin the bike round on the stand.. :shock: :roll: :roll:

                As for wheelies, just take it easy... Slowly build up the rpm until you find your bikes sweet spot... once you find where she comes up try and slowly increas your rpm until you hit the balance point during the wheelie.. (roughly 60 degree angle).

                One thing the show didn't mention -- have your rear break covered!
                So just practise getting it up and using rear break to take her down so if things do go pear shaped you instinctly hit the rear break and hopefully save your ass some major pain.

                Once you master first gear practise clutchless gear changes then you can start going through gears

                Just don't rush it, a muffed wheelie can see your bike cartwheel down the road...
                Will you insure me?!


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                  Clutch? Bah!!!
                  If you can... you MUST!


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                    Clutch? Bah!!!
                    its the only way... 8)
                    ...and on the seventh day God said "Let there be light!", and Chuck Norris said "say please!"


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                      ive been practicing my wheelies (on private tarmac of course o ) and so ive kinda recently gone through where you are now.

                      imho- as previously recommended, find your bikes sweet spot where it will come up with throttle... personally i dont use the clutch.
                      step1. On my bike i find its easiest to control at about 7000-7500. So i lope up to those revs in 1st.

                      step2. THEN i make up my mind (BEFORE I DO THE WHEELIE!) how high i want to let it get. I stay well below the point of balance so im at about 40degrees.

                      step3. give the throttle a good hard twist.

                      step4. catch the wheelie, in step2 youve made up your mind how high you want your hands to get, this sets you up for catching it.

                      step5. once youve caught the wheelie then just ride it out. So as you are approaching redline you are backing off the throttle and the front tyre comes back down when you are ready for 2nd. btw, if you are rough on the gear change you will probably get a nice 2nd gear lift off as well.

                      the important thing for not landing on yer ass and smashing your bike up is one, staying below POB (duh) and two, knowing what your bike is going to do when you yank on the throttle. So practice small, bounce the front a few times ect. Have you seen the judgement day vids? those guys are pretty good at wheelies and still smash their bikes

                      good luck.
                      Originally posted by Bendito
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                        listen to klink. you don't want to rush it and end up like me. i tried to go too big too quick and ended up on my arse. i still have no bike 4 months later, but it's finally starting to come together now. take it easy. learn good control first, then go for height.


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                          having recently ridden a pushbike for the first time in ages, I thought i'd give a nice long wheelie a try (never been able to do them in the past) and i finally managed to do it! (well, at least for a few pedals...)
                          i kept drif ting over to the left and so thats partly why I wasn't going far. but it was really good to get a taste for the balance point, and being on grass it wasn't like i was going to get really badly hurt if i came off, which helped the confidence a bit. so i reckon i'm going to get the hang of doing them on a pushy, before i try them on my rz. might even get the KX out of the shed for a bit of a practice session...
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                            hey doods....

                            is a zzr250 able to do a wheelie? or for that matter is any standard road going 250 able to? my zzr feels way too underpowered and heavy, but maybe thats just my fat arse...


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                              hey doods....

                              is a zzr250 able to do a wheelie? or for that matter is any standard road going 250 able to? my zzr feels way too underpowered and heavy, but maybe thats just my fat arse...
                              Lotsa revs and a quick drop of the clutch may bring it up in first. it works on a GPX,

                              The RGV can bring the front up pretty quick in first and second on a good day.
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